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Dieing to visit Italy, but you can’t at the moment? I feel your pain, but there’s a way of enjoying a little bit of Italy from home, until we can go in person. We can quell our wanderlust for “il bel paese” by embarking on these exciting virtual tours of Italy, some of which are interactive. You will actually feel like you’re there. Well, almost. Get ready for takeoff, as we dive into some armchair travel.


Virtual tours are so popular these days for all of us travel lovers who aren’t able to travel. It allows us to discover new places from wherever we are in the world, whenever we want.

Virtual tours are also a fabulous resource for planning future travel. We can visit places of interest via Google, YouTube, websites and tour companies, many of whom offer up close experiences of the attractions.

Free and paid online tours

Some virtual tours are free, and some are paid online tours, where for a small fee, a licensed guide from a registered tour company, gives detailed explanations of features and history of the site, which allows us to experience the attractions as if we were really there with them. We can even ask him or her questions which they will respond to directly.

What a fabulous way to be able to visit Italy. By doing so, you can gauge whether you will want to visit in person. Like an appetiser, if you will.

The advantages of taking virtual tours of Italy are that you don’t have to queue up, no crowds, no bags to carry around, you don’t get tired, and they’re much, much cheaper than real tours. 

So let’s dive in to some virtual tours of Italy and visit a few iconic landmarks and famous places. These will also give you a good glimpse into what you can expect when you actually go there on your future travels.

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1. The Vatican, Rome, Italy

One of the most iconic landmarks in Italy that everybody should visit is the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty and splendor of this historic building and the stunning museums within. 

You can take magnificent virtual tours in and around the Vatican city and get a good glimpse into the extraordinary opulence of the Pope’s palace and the immense collection of masterpieces throughout.

You can choose to take a free virtual tour, or delve more deeply with a paid virtual tour where your guide will provide a more in depth experience, for a nominal fee.

The Musei Vaticani website has fabulous virtual tours for you to explore of the various museum halls and rooms, including the famous Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms. Make sure to zoom in to get a close up of the masterpieces.

2. Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii is a remarkable location where the ancient Roman city was frozen in time from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79AD.

A virtual tour of the ancient city of Pompeii is a must for anyone fascinated with archeological ruins and history. Check it out with these virtual travel options below. You can choose free or paid virtual tours to get the most out of your Pompeii experience.

For amazing access to the whole site, Google Maps offers the best aerial and street views to zoom in and appreciate the ruins closely.

3. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Also known at the Flavian Amphitheatre built by the Roman Emperors of the Flavian Dynasty, the Colosseum was completed in the year 80 AD after only 10 years. The colossus arena is an example of grand Roman architecture. It was used for public theatre, wild animal spectacles, gladiator competitions and executions. Did you know battles on water were also held here? As it was designed to be able to fill with water from below, up to a few metres deep.

Later it was used as a fortress, a quarry and religious purposes, amongst other things.

Online travel is the perfect way to explore the Colosseum, inside and out, with one of the many virtual tours available. Here are several of the best for you to take from home, free and paid virtual tours.

4. Florence, Italy

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and the birthplace of the Renaissance from the 14th century. It became the cultural centre of Europe, thus, there is much to see here. The Uffizi Gallery, the Brunelleschi Dome, the Ponte Vecchio, the Statue of David and much more. Enjoy free or paid tours, for a minimal cost, and feel like you’re really in Florence, Tuscany.

5. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most famous and unique cities in the world that everyone needs to visit at least once. It’s character and charm is undeniable. Iconic sites to see here are Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Cathedral and Tower, and Bridge of Sighs, amongst others, and of course the beautiful gondolas.

Various virtual tours are on offer to experience Venice in wonderful ways, including free and paid virtual tours, which cover webinars, cooking classes, mask classes, and wine classes, all from home, with online guides. These are fabulous interactive activities to participate in, as if you were actually there. Here are a select few to explore.

6. Cooking Italian food online

Finally, have you dreamt of taking a pasta making class or a pizza making class in Italy? Here is the next best thing. An online cooking tutorial where you will learn how to make pasta or pizza from the expert chefs in Italy, with these online virtual cooking classes. Such a wonderful opportunity to learn from the Italian masters.

There are many virtual tours of Italy online. Others you may wish to check out are, Google  EarthProwalk Tours YouTube Channel, Rick Steves’ Europe YouTube Channel, CyArk, and Virtual Tour of Ancient Rome Reconstructed.

I hope you enjoy exploring these virtual tours of Italy and learning about the Italian culture, until you can travel there in person. 

You can also read some of my other posts on Italy here.

Ciao amici.

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Stunning virtual tours of Italy Snazzy Trips travel blog
virtual tours of Italy Snazzy Trips travel blog
Visit Italy with virtual travel Snazzy Trips travel blog
Travel Italy from home Snazzy Trips travel blog
Italy ways to visit with online travel Snazzy Trips travel blog
Exciting virtual tours of Italy Snazzy Trips travel blog
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