Epic Sites To Explore in Singapore

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I was recently in Singapore on a girls vacation and had a magnificent time. There is so much to see and do in this fabulous country, from historic monuments to ultra-modern landmarks that are out of this world. In this guide I will outline the most epic sites to explore in Singapore, with details of all the must-see attractions that I’m sure you will love, as much as I did. I recommend spending a few days here at least, to do everything in this guide at a comfortable pace.

1. Marina Bay Sands

First on my list of epic sites is the grand Marina Bay Sands Hotel Casino Resort complex. It is huge and you could easily spend a few hours here. Guests of the hotel have access to all areas, including the fabulous roof top infinity pool. Visitors have access to all the following areas:

  • observation deck,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • nightclub,
  • casino, and
  • shopping.

The views from the top of this impressive building are nothing short of spectacular. So make your way up to the Marina Bay Sands roof top, called the Sky Park. Whether you go to the Observation Deck, restaurant or bar at the top, you must not miss seeing the breathtaking panoramic vista. It really has to be enjoyed during the day and night, when Singapore is lit up and comes alive. I recommend going before sunset.

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View from top of Marina Bay Sands

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Night view from top of Marina Bay Sands

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More of the night view from top of Marina Bay Sands

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fireworks seen from top of Marina Bay Sands

2. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is like something out of this world. Think the movie, Avatar. A truly epic site you must experience in Singapore. The lush green gardens are famous for their gigantic, futuristic Supertree structures which rise up to 50 metres tall, with plants and lights decorating each tree, making then all vertical gardens. Furthermore, these Supertrees are very eco-friendly.

You can easily spend a day here enjoying everything there is on offer. I didn’t want to leave this magical place. Some of the amazing things you can see and do here include:

  • 3 groves of Supertrees – free,
  • Skywalk in the clouds,
  • Cloud Forest conservatory with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall,
  • Flower Dome conservatory,
  • Art sculptures,
  • Parks,
  • Children’s playground,
  • Satay By The Bay food hawker centre, and
  • Night spectacular shows called Garden Rhapsody, twice every evening, which last for 15 minutes – free!

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Skywalk at Gardens By The Bay, with Marina Bay Sands in the background

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Conservatory behind the Supertrees

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Nightly Garden Rhapsody light & music show

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Cloud Forest

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The huge indoor waterfall in the Cloud Forest

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Art sculptures in the Cloud Forest

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Flower Dome

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Lego flowers in Flower Dome

Tickets for Skywalk and both Conservatories can be booked below. I highly recommend doing these 3 things.


3. Raffles

If you want to experience a bit of Singapore’s history, don’t miss going to see the iconic Raffles Hotel. One of my favourite attractions in this country and famous for its colourful past. Here you can enjoy:

  • High Tea in the Grand Foyer,
  • the famous Singapore Sling cocktail, invented right here, and other drinks in the Long Bar,
  • outdoor courtyard, and
  • shops.

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epic sites to explore in Singapore

epic sites to explore in Singapore

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4. Chijmes

Located diagonally to Raffles is a national monument of Singapore, called the Chijmes. It’s a historic monument dating from the 1800’s, built in Neo-Gothic French style of architecture. Previously it was the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Middle Education School. A French priest and nuns ran this school for impoverished and unwanted girls from Singapore and nearby Penang in Malaysia to educate and house the orphaned girls. The hall was rebuilt after Japanese bombs damaged it in WWII. The pioneering school for underprivileged girls continued until the 1980’s.

Today it is a popular tourist attraction and entertainment precinct. It’s one of my epic sites to explore in Singapore, not to be missed. Entry to the Chijmes complex and the main hall is free. Things to do here include:

  • see the Chijmes Hall and learn the history of this Singapore site,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • entertainment in the evenings, and
  • shops.

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Chijmes church building

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Chijmes Hall

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entertainment precinct


5. Clarke Quay

If you’re after a fun evening, the place to go for nightlife is Clarke Quay along the Singapore River. This heritage part of the city is filled with old warehouses converted into bars, clubs, and restaurants galore. Plenty of live music is on offer which my friends and I enjoyed, whilst bar hopping the night away. My faves are Octapas Spanish Tapas Bar & Le Noir.

Also on offer here is shopping and boat cruises along the river. The original bumboats were used to transport goods from ships to shore. Now you can experience a ride on one to enjoy the city views.

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shops at Clarke Quay

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clarke quay singapore Snazzy Trips

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Live bands at Clarke Quay

epic sites to explore in Singapore


Clarke Quay boat ride



6. Singapore Zoo

If you enjoy animal encounters, the Zoo is a must. It is a beautiful sanctuary, ranked the 4th best zoo in the world. I enjoyed Breakfast with the Orang-utans here, which is a very popular event. You must book this in advance and is an extra cost.

Activities at the zoo include:

  • Zoo tram (included in ticket cost)
  • Buffet Jungle breakfast with the animals
  • River cruise
  • Splash Safari Show
  • Night safari

Normal entry to the zoo costs S$38 per adult.

Snazzy tips: Book on-line to skip the queue, and get there early to avoid crowds.

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7. Little India

Little India is part of Singapore’s history with a large part of the population being Indians who settled here many years ago. It’s a charming vibrant area that is filled with all manner of Indian goods, food and jewellery shops. Did I mention jewellery? Gold jewellery specifically, 24 carat, very elaborate and almost orange in colour. But I digress.

Not surprisingly, Singapore’s healthy obsession with perfection and cleanliness carries to Little India, of course, which is far, far cleaner than many parts of the real India I visited recently. I couldn’t help noticing how beautifully painted and well maintained the Indian shops all are here, with so much vibrant colour. Perfect for photos, as you can see. I loved spending time here, browsing the shops, whilst Indian music played in the stores and the spicy aromas tempted me into submission.

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8. Sentosa

Last of my epic sites to explore in Singapore is the island of Sentosa, which includes Resorts World Sentosa. You can get to Sentosa by car, walk, cable car ride or monorail. You could easily spend a few days here, with so much to enjoy for all ages, couples, singles, and families. There is a myriad of fun activities to enjoy and epic places to visit on the island, some of which include:

  • cable car rides,
  • monorail rides – free,
  • beaches – Tanjong, Palawan & Siloso – all free,
  • suspension bridge – free,
  • Magical Shores light show – free,
  • Butterfly Park,
  • Fort Siloso – free,
  • water sports, and
  • boat rides.

Resort World Sentosa

  • Universal Studios
  • Casino,
  • SEA Aquarium,
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark,
  • Trick Eye Museum,
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,
  • Theatre,
  • Nestopia park,
  • Lake of Dreams light show – free, and
  • Crane Dance light show – free.

There’s also a plethora of:

  • shops,
  • stalls,
  • street food,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • pools, and
  • many hotels.

How’s it possible to do it all?

It’s not. Unless you’re there for a couple of weeks. So I suggest you choose the main things you want to do. I only spent one day at Sentosa and I enjoyed the monorail, beaches, walking across the suspension bridge, Harry’s restaurant for lunch, shopping, Sofitel Hotel for drinks with friends in the afternoon, Coastes for dinner on the beach, Magical Shores show at Siloso, and finished with Rumours beach nightclub by the pool. I was exhausted. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?!

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epic sites to explore in Singapore


Universal Studios

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Sentosa mono-rail

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stunning escalators at Resort World Sentosa

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Cocktail van

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Art sculptures near the beach in Sentosa

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Look-out at Palawan beach

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suspension bridge

epic sites to explore in Singapore


Sentosa beaches

epic sites to explore in Singapore


Dusk on Sentosa beaches – Magical Shores show

epic sites to explore in Singapore


Nightlife on Sentosa beaches

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cocktails on the beach

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Sentosa Aquarium

epic sites to explore in Singapore



Snazzy tip: Buses around the island are free and come about every half hour.


So, off you go and make the most of these epic sites to explore in Singapore.

If you’re planning to go, or if you’ve been to Singapore, leave me your comments below.

Bye for now.

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  1. Farrah says:

    Singapore is on my travel bucket list! :] I’ve heard of the Gardens By The Bay and I’d love to get to check it out! Your photos are gorgeous! <3

  2. Imani says:

    Fantastic post, I wanted to visit Singapore in the future but you’ve made me want to go sooner! All truly epic suggestions, would especially want to see the night show at gardens by the bay!

  3. Kevin | Caffeinated Excursions says:

    I basically only visited about half the things on your list when I went to Singapore, so clearly I need to go back! I especially want to see Sentosa and the other attractions in Gardens by the Bay like the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Had you considered Pulau Ubin? It was another area I was considering but didn’t have the time. It sounds like an interesting area that’s different from the rest of Singapore.

  4. Disha Smith says:

    This is a great list! I’ve been to Singapore several times and I haven’t been to the top of Marina Bay Sands. I’ve clearly been missing out. Your photos from there are stunning!

  5. Disha Smith says:

    I’ve been to Singapore several times and I have yet to go to the top of Marina Bay Sands. Your photos from there are gorgeous! This is a great list!

  6. uoprincess says:

    Singapore seems a lot like Disneyland to me, very clean and kind of contrived. That may sound negative, but I actually love Disney. I would love to see that Cloud Waterfall. Can you take a nap on the bean bags in the entertainment district or would that be frowned upon in Singapore?

  7. Ketki Gadre says:

    I love how you have mentioned free things in your places guide. I missed a chance of going to Singapore during a layover (missed it by an hour) last year. But hopefully I can go there longer and soon. Your description is lovey.

  8. trimmtravels says:

    You definitely titled this post correctly. All of these are truly epic things to see especially if you are a photographer. I would have to see Marina Bay Sands Hotel and all of its views (especially at night) and have tea at the Raffles Hotel. Sentosa is a place I’ve never even heard of but man is it colorful. Those escalators!!

  9. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    Thanks for taking us back to Singapore. We did so love our visit there. We are sorry we did not get up in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I would have loved that iconic shot in the infinity pool. We had Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel. But next time will want to try High Tea. And we will definitely head to Sentosa on a return trip. So many reasons to head back to Singapore.

  10. Katie Diederichs says:

    I’ve spent so much time in Asia over the last 5 years, so I can’t believe I STILL have not been to Singapore! I’m itching to get there and see lots of these places in person.

  11. Lori says:

    Amazing post! Singapore has always been on my list and this makes me want to go even more now.


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