Monza Has 5 Amazing Things To See

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Amazing things to see in Monza

The city of Monza is located 20 km from the centre of Milan in the North of Italy. I stopped by to check it out whilst driving in Italy, from Lake Como. What I soon realised was that there is so much more to Monza than just being famous for hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Monza is a gorgeous small city, that has a more relaxed vibe than the big cities of Italy, like Venice or Rome. There are some amazing things to see in Monza which you should visit if you’re passing through and spending a day here. Furthermore, it’s a budget-friendly city in terms of food and accommodation options, in case you’re interested in staying a while longer.

Here are the 5 main sites and landmarks of Monza I recommend which can easily be visited all in one day.

1. Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix Track

Those of you that are racing afficionados would know that the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix is held here in Monza every September. This is the highlight of the Formula 1 GP calendar for many enthusiasts, especially the tifosi, Italian Ferrari fans, who descend on the city in droves wearing their signature red gear.

The track is called the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza and is one of the most notorious tracks on the circuit. It is known as ‘the temple of speed’ and is claimed to be the fastest track on the GP circuit. Sadly, drivers and spectators have died here in the past.

It is also one of the oldest circuits in the world, running since 1922.

Interesting fact: No track in the world has held more Grand Prix races than Monza.

Amazing things to see in Monza

Formula 1 at Monza

The Grand Prix track is located in the middle of the massive Monza Park estate. The track cuts through the trees making it one of the most scenic track locations on the F1 circuit.

You can visit the Grand Prix track and feel the buzz, even if you don’t go to the event itself.

Monza aerial photo Snazzy Trips travel blog

Formula 1 track aerial view – photo credit

Many other racing events, including the Motorcycle Grand Prix, are also held here.

2. Monza Park

One of the most pleasant things to see in Monza is the Parco di Monza, which is the largest city park in the whole of Europe. In fact it is also twice the size of New York Central Park. Can you believe it?! It is an enormous green jewel that attracts people for many different leisure activities. A stroll in this park is an absolute must in Monza.

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Monza Park – photo credit

Amongst this 700 hectare parkland is the Lambro River. Also, you will find a lovely pond, farmhouses, old mills, woods, picnic areas, playgrounds, bike and scooter rental. And mansions!

monza park Snazzy Trips travel blog

Monza Park

chair 1791455 480 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Giant desk and chair in the park called Lo Scittore, a contemporary art piece symbolising a writer’s isolation.

By far the most impressive aspect of this park, in my opinion, is the huge historic palace on its grounds.

3. Villa Reale

An enormous palace to rival the Palace of Versailles in France sits majestically in the Monza Park. It is called the Villa Reale (Royal Villa) and was built for the Austrian royal family in 1780 as a Summer Palace, when the region was under Austrian rule.

It is neoclassical in style and a magnificent monument to see in Monza. Events and weddings are held here at this opulent location, which has been beautifully renovated in recent years.

If you wish to visit the Royal Villa, check here for all the details and book online.

Inside you can see the magnificent royal apartments as they once were. You will be able to appreciate the art and frescoes, the Carrara marble, the grand staircase and ballroom, the chandeliers, the royal furniture and more. All 3 levels have areas open to the public.

Note: It is closed on Sundays.

Amazing things to see in Monza

Villa Reale – photo credit

Villa reale di monza cappella3 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Inside dome of Villa Reale – photo credit

Villa reale Snazzy Trips travel blog

A room of the Villa Reale – photo credit

900px Villa reale belgiojoso Milano salone principale Snazzy Trips travel blog

Hall of the Villa Reale – photo credit

Other villas reside in the park too. The oldest building in Monza Park is Villa Mirabello, built in the 17th century, by a rich family from Milan. Currently used as offices and library, it has neoclassical and baroque features, with frescoes inside.

Things to see in Monza

Villa Mirabello

4. Cathedral of Monza

Monza has several churches, of course, but the Duomo di Monza is the main cathedral. Known as Basilica of Saint John the Baptist, it is stunning. This current church dates from the 13th century and is of Italian Gothic style with a marble facade. The Bell Tower was built later in the 15th century.

Inside, as you would expect, the church is painted in frescoes which date from the 14th century.

You can visit the Monza Cathedral Museum here and see the famous gold, Byzantine Royal Crown, Coronna del Ferro. Thought to have been made in the 4th or 5th century out of gold and precious gems, it was used to crown Italian Kings and later Napoleon. Then, it became the symbol of the Kingdom of Italy.

Amazing things to see in Monza

Duomo di Monza

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Things to see in Monza

Ancient Iron Crown – photo credit

Interesting trivia: The Iron Crown doesn’t actually contain any iron.

5. Arengario

Last on my list of things to see in Monza is the Arengario. This building is the old town hall of Monza, built in 1293. It would have to be the most recognisable landmark of the city, other than the F1 track, and is centrally located, in Piazza Roma. Now this medieval building is used as a gallery, and markets are held below.

Amazing things to see in Monza

Palazzo dell’Arengario

Other things to see in Monza

Wander around the town and see,

  • the main square called Piazza Trento e Trieste,
  • the grand building of the Monza Town Hall called the Palazzo Communale,
  • statue of the Fallen Soldiers, and
  • Ponte dei Leoni (Bridge of Lions) is the famous bridge here in Monza which crosses the Lambro River.

Amazing things to see in Monza

Palazzo Comunale – Piazza Trento e Trieste

Amazing things to see in Monza

Statue of the fallen soldiers – Piazza Trento e Trieste

Monza ponte dei Leoni verso il centro Snazzy Trips travel blog

Bridge of Lions – photo credit

Fiume Lambro Monza scaled Snazzy Trips travel blog

Lambro River – photo credit

So, be sure to add a stop in Monza to your itinerary when driving through the north of Italy, or as a day trip from Milan.


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