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Business class travel


So you’re thinking about flying Business Class on your next overseas trip? You’re wondering, is it worth it? What benefits do you get? Is it much different to economy? Well, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Here are 25 perks of Business Class Travel to help you decide.

I’ve been fortunate enough to fly Business Class on many international trips. The benefits start as soon as you arrive at the airport. It is the whole experience from start to finish that makes it an amazing luxurious way to travel. 

In recent years I have been able to fly Business Class on Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Qantas. This article is based on my own personal experiences. 

List of Perks – Business Class Travel

Prior to boarding

1. You are allowed to bring more check-in luggage, i.e. an allowance of up to 40kg, and more carry-on luggage allowance, plus an additional personal bag;

2. You don’t have to arrive 2 or 3 hours early, as you do for economy class;

3. No queueing up to check-in, go straight to business counter for almost immediate processing;

4. Entry to your airline’s Business Class Lounge where you get to enjoy all the facilities on offer before boarding, however long that may be – this is a world of luxury and when your flight call is announced, you’re actually a bit disappointed to have to leave;

5. Lounges provide free meals, including buffet and some a-la-carte, hot and cold foods, desserts and alcohol, including wines from around the world;

6. Lounges have dining areas, tables, bars, armchairs, couches, big screen tv’s, and reading material in various languages;

7. Lounge facilities include luxurious bathrooms, showers with towels, free products to use, massages, nap rooms (yes!) and computer areas.

On board

8. Priority boarding before economy class and through separate lane and doorway;

9. Immediately upon boarding you have a welcome champagne glass served to you in a proper glass flute, warm or cold towelettes, water bottles and free reading material offered – just to get started;

10. A semi-private, comfortably designed pod – usually have aisle access, so you don’t have to climb over each other to go in and out;

11. Wi-fi, USB ports and charging facilities;

12. Personal storage compartments and benches for all your belongings in easy reach;

13. Wider TV screen for you, which has more selection of in-flight entertainment than economy, latest movies, etc.;

14. Wider seats and more leg room so you can stretch out to almost 2 metres and fully recline to flat bed or close to it, with pillows and quilts provided; 

15. Staff can make up the bed with a special bed pad for you, if you wish;

16. Massage functions on seats (heavenly!);

17. Food is mostly available on demand, meaning you can order anytime throughout the flight, as many times as you like, whenever you want to eat;

18. Award winning chefs prepare delicious gourmet, multi-course meals which you can choose from an a-la carte menu; 

19. Proper cutlery, china plates, Royal Doulton on some airlines, tablecloths and linen napkins, salt & pepper shakers, butter dish – a complete silver service dining experience;

20. Drinks anytime – hot and cold, as well as alcohol; 

21. Snacks anytime – chocolates, nuts, biscuits, ice cream, cheese platter;

22. An amenities purse is provided (often different for male and female) with designer toiletry products and perfume, such as Bulgari, L’Occitane, La Prairie;

23. Cotton pyjamas, socks, slippers and eye covers provided on long haul flights;

24. A much quieter cabin environment so no one will interrupt your ‘me-time’, and

25. Bathrooms are separate from economy and are slightly bigger.

And there’s more …

1. Friendly flight staff use your title and name when addressing you;

2. Bar on board some airlines such as Qatar, for use after take-off;

3. Priority boarding, disembarking, immigration, and baggage collection before economy, making all these processes quicker, and

4. You arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and well rested.

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On-board Qatar Business Class


When you have a long haul, sometimes up to 24 hours, it truly is exhausting and you really appreciate the extra comfort and extra room to be able to sleep properly and to eat delicious, healthy food during the flight. Every detail is taken care of to provide you with the utmost luxury travel experience.

Travelling Business Class really is just as exciting as the actual destination, or even more so. When my family and I fly, we like to make the most of everything on offer, because after all, we are paying for it. Did I mention, they even do cocktails? They really do think of everything.

Once you get used to Business Class travel you won’t want to fly economy ever again.

My favourite airline for Business Class travel – Qatar

In 2018 I flew Qatar Airlines Business Class with my family on our way to Milan, Italy and was super impressed with the service, comfort and food in the Business Class cabin. It was amazing and the best I have experienced.

The Business Lounge at Qatar Airlines’ home at Hamad International Airport in Doha is absolutely fabulous. It’s unlike any other lounge I’ve been to, mind you, Malaysian Airlines Business Lounge in Kuala Lumpur is pretty fantastic too. Qatar’s enormous and impressive resort-style retreat is 10,000 square metres. It has a huge pool / fountain feature in the middle that welcomes you upon entry. A gorgeous curving staircase leads to the upstairs dining section with a view over the lower hall. Here you have a great selection of Arabian and international foods on offer for free.

The sprawling ground floor area is never-ending, modern and very classy. It boasts a cafe and bar and several drink stations throughout. Plus you have many, different seating options to relax in – areas with couches, armchairs and high back chairs. It’s a very tranquil place which is what you want when taking a break from the stresses of travelling to recharge your batteries, especially if you have a long wait between flights.

You really don’t want to leave the delightful arabian hospitality here at Al Mourjan, where the staff can’t do enough for you.

No wonder Qatar has received many accolades including being named Airline of the Year 4 times and World’s Best Business Class 2018 by Skytrax.

Photos of Qatar airlines and Doha Business Lounge

Business class travel

I hope you get to enjoy the perks of Business Class travel.

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