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Old ship in Hobart Tasmania

Hobart has endeared itself to Australians and tourists alike. With a more layback lifestyle than the bigger cities in the country, cleaner air than most cities in the world, and so many awesome places to enjoy, it’s a real gem waiting for you to explore. So, here is my quick guide of the best places to visit in Hobart which I hope inspires you to take a trip there.

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Derwent River



Berridale Bay

Hobart is Australia’s 2nd oldest city after Sydney. Situated on the Derwent River, it is the capital of the island state of Tasmania and was founded in 1804, as a penal colony.

Just a short 1 hour and 15 minutes flight from Melbourne, I recently spent 3 days in Hobart enjoying the many sites on offer. The city is relatively small and very easy to get around. 2 or 3 days is perfect for a leisurely stay.


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Port of Harbour

Definitely one of the best places to visit in Hobart is the picturesque waterfront precinct. It is such a beautiful part of the city, to be enjoyed both during the day and at night. A fabulous place to spend some time strolling around and trying some of the many great food places, and admiring the historic buildings and cultural attractions here.

The area includes Constitution Dock, Victoria Dock, Brooke Street Pier, Elizabeth Street Pier, and Franklin Wharf.

The Port of Hobart is famous for being the ‘finish point’ of The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race which is on every Christmas time.

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The yearly Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – photo credit

Seafood eateries are aplenty here and serve fabulous fresh food. I recommend Fish Frenzy, for ‘eat-in’ or ‘take-away’.

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Fish Frenzy – fabulous seafood platter

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Mures – a Hobart institution for the best fresh fish and seafood

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A popular seafood restaurant

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Hunter Street Georgian style heritage buildings with statues of convict women and children in the foreground – Footsteps to Freedom – in front of the MACq01 Hotel

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Henry Jones Art Hotel

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Bernacchi Tribute Sculptures – honouring Tasmanian Antarctic Explorer

places to visit in Hobart


Lady Nelson tall ship replica for hire

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MONA Catamarans to take you to the MONA Museum

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Port of Hobart at night

3600px Tasman Bridge Night Panorama Snazzy Trips travel blog


Tasman Bridge across the Derwent River

Salamanca Place

One of the most iconic places to visit in Hobart is Salamanca Place. Adjacent to the waterfront, the trendy location has bars, restaurants, shops and art studios and galleries.

The historic sandstone buildings from the 1800’s used to be shipping warehouses.

Saturday is market day at Salamanca place, where hundreds of stalls sell all manner of local Tasmanian goods and foods. An iconic Hobart attraction here not to be missed, even if just for the atmosphere and a browse.

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Lawns at Salamanca Place

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Salamanca Place

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Historic Salamanca buildings

Salamanca Market May Snazzy Trips travel blog


Hustle and bustle of Salamanca Market – photo credit

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Fountain at Salamanca Square

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Salamanca Square

Battery Point

Battery Point is just up the hill from Salamanca Place and is one of the oldest and most charming parts of Hobart. Originally a maritime village in the 1800’s, it’s now one of the most sought after real estate locations.



Hampden Road, Battery Point

Quaint little cottages and historic buildings, plus an array of delightful shops make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From eateries to antique stores, I enjoyed strolling the main street, Hampden Road, and absorbing this gorgeous colonial neighbourhood.

Many houses are Bed’n’Breakfast accommodations.

You must see the circle estate called Arthur Circus with small homes set in a rather tiny circle with a park in the middle. It resembles a cute, toy village.


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Arthur Circus

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Arthur Circus

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Hampden Road

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1280px St Georges Battery Point Snazzy Trips travel blog


Battery Point’s St George’s Anglican Church – photo credit

Mount Wellington

An absolute must is visiting Mount Wellington, also known as kunanyi by the Indigenous people of the area. This is one of the best attractions in Hobart, which provides a picturesque backdrop to the city.

It is easily accessible by car or bus ride up the mountain from Hobart and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Alternatively, hiking the mountain is also doable and a popular way to fully experience nature’s rich beauty, with a network of paths and tracks to explore.

From the top you will be able to appreciate the spectacular panoramic views. But do try to pick a reasonably sunny day so you will have a clear view of the city of Hobart and beyond.

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Entry to the mountain is free and open everyday, except in bad weather. It does get very windy at the summit and snow falls here in Winter, being at a height of over 1200 metres.

There is an enclosed observatory and boardwalks at the top. And if you’re wondering what the tall white pole is, it’s a radio and television transmitter.

Snazzy Tip: Check the website to help plan your excursion.

440px Organ Pipes Mount Wellington Snazzy Trips travel blog


The Organ Pipes – rocks of Mt Wellington – photo credit

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Driving up Mt Wellington

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Observatory atop Mt Wellington where you can enjoy the view away from the cold.

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What a view of Hobart and the Tasmanian landscape!

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Boardwalk view on Mt Wellington

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Spectacular evening on the mountain – photo credit

Botanical Gardens

Every city has a public garden and Hobart has a real treasure, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and it’s free. A historic part of the city with great views of the river and a serene setting for some quiet time. Check out all the details here. Don’t miss it.

places to visit in Hobart


Botanical Garden Main Gate

places to visit in Hobart


Gorgeous historic arch in the gardens

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MONA Museum

When you visit Hobart you have to check out the popular MONA – Museum of Old and New Art. A controversial, quirky, and thought-provoking gallery displaying all manner of art exhibits that you wouldn’t normally expect to see.

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One of the interactive displays

I loved it, mainly because you are immersed in the art and the experience is totally different to a typical museum. But not everyone is a fan. You have to see it for yourself to decide.

The modern building and stunning water views are an attraction in themselves.

Read my post here for more details.

MONA has the added attraction in that it can be accessed by water via the MONA Catamarans from the Port of Hobart. A truly magnificent way to arrive in style.

places to visit in Hobart


Outside the MONA

places to visit in Hobart


Tunnel inside MONA

places to visit in Hobart


Rock walls of the mostly underground MONA

places to visit in Hobart


A whole room is the art

places to visit in Hobart


Large structures throughout MONA

Cascade Brewery

Just a short drive from Hobart city centre is Cascade, the first brewery in Australia, since 1832. I love the gothic style building that sits prominently at the base of Mount Wellington in South Hobart.

You can take a tour of the brewery and even go to beer school. Yep, learn all about the beer making process. The Cascade logo on the beer bottles displays the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Cider is also produced here at the factory.

There are 3 acres of lovely gardens and picnic grounds to enjoy, a restaurant and shop.

Snazzy Tip: Check the website for tours and the times they are available.

places to visit in Hobart


Cascade Road

places to visit in Hobart


Gothic style architecture of Cascade Brewery

places to visit in Hobart


Cascade building

places to visit in Hobart


Cascade gardens

Wrest Point Casino

Located in the prestigious suburb of Sandy Bay, this was Australia’s first casino. I’m not sure why Hobart was the first place in the country to have a casino, but since its opening in 1973, it has been a major tourist attraction and helped put Tasmania on the proverbial map. It boasts a dodecagonal prism hotel tower, which is Hobart’s tallest tower.

The waterfront location is stunning and the casino is perfect if you enjoy a flutter.

places to visit in Hobart


Wrest Point tower at night

places to visit in Hobart


Sandy Bay near Wrest Point

places to visit in Hobart


Sandy Bay

places to visit in Hobart


Grounds of Casino complex

City Centre

Take some time to wander around the city and discover some other Tasmanian attractions. Historic buildings, Parliament House and gardens, lovely churches and more. The Museum of Tasmania (TMAG) is also worth a visit and entry is free. It is Australia’s 2nd oldest museum.

places to visit in Hobart


Historic buildings on Franklin Wharf, opposite the waterfront

places to visit in Hobart


Parliament House

places to visit in Hobart


Hobart Central Church

places to visit in Hobart


Museum and Art Gallery of Tasmania

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Shopping in Elizabeth Street

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Husky sculptures on Argyle Street

Tours of Hobart and Nearby Destinations

That’s my list of best places to visit in Hobart. I hope you get to see them.

I would love any comments. Have you been to Hobart? Let me know in the space below.

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Guide to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Best places to see in Hobart

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24 thoughts on “Best Places To Visit In Hobart

  1. Jas says:

    Australia’s super high up on my list, but this is actually my first time hearing about Hobart! The blooms at Derwent River are gorgeous and I love gardens so it’s great to hear that the Royal Botanical Gardens are free.

  2. Aditi Sharma says:

    This is such a detailed travel guide for Hobart! It’s good to know that it’s easy to explore the city since it’s relatively small. Having dinner at the restaurants along the waterfront followed by an evening stroll sounds perfect!

  3. Vanessa Ball says:

    I didn’t realise Hobart was such a short flight from Melbourne, good to know. The Waterfront looks stunning and the Hunter Street Georgian style heritage buildings
    look so cute! Battery Point looks like a lovely place to wander round.

  4. Epepa Travel Blog says:

    I have never been to Australia but I dream of going there. It’s so far from my country! Almost on the opposite side of the globe. It is spring there now, the gray sad autumn has begun in Poland. I’d love to pack my suitcase and fly to Australia. I would love to visit the places you mentioned here, especially Mount Wellington. The views are simply amazing!

  5. Brianna Shade says:

    Wow.. I lived in Australia for two years as a kid, but we spent very little time in Tasmania. It’s certainly a place I’d love to return to, and perhaps we should give Hobart a look!

  6. Smita says:

    I’ve heard so much about Tassie’s amazing sea food and the beautiful coastline on cooking shows that I’ve always found it to be a fascinating place. Your pictures add to the charm. Loved the views from Mount Wellington – that would be the top of my list when I visit!

  7. The.Holidaymaker says:

    I love the scenic waterfront with the backdrop of the mountains. There seems definitely a lot of options for visitors to see and do, for an active 2-3 day trip. I would want to check out the market and museum, along with walking the beautiful waterfront.

  8. josypheen says:

    Nice! The whole of Hobart looks fun to explore, but I would love to head up and see the views from Mount Wellington. The views from the top are gorgeous, especially when lit up at night.

  9. April Moreno says:

    I think Battery Point and the Observatory would be my go to stops when I get the chance to make it that far across the ocean, I love architecture, art and nature and those places that are found just off the beaten path… finding that gem of a city and being engulfed in a new cultural experience.

  10. Ciara NíLionsigh VA says:

    Hobart looks like such a fun town – I love anywhere that’s close to the sea. Thanks for a great post – such a good read!

  11. Nitin Singhal says:

    I didn’t know that Hobart is the 2nd oldest city of Australia. I love the Mt. Wellington. Observatory is at very scenic location and sure to get enthralling views from Boardwalk bridge. Mona museum too had my attention. It is so unique and quirky.

  12. Nicole Hunter says:

    What absolutely gorgeous photos! We are going to Australia soon and we haven’t quite decided where to go. I loved hearing and seeing all that is offered in Hobart Tasmania. It has certainly piqued my interest!

  13. travelingness says:

    Hobart looks like a charming place to visit! I love all the cute homes and architecture. The views look spectacular from the top of Mt. Wellington and something I’d like to see! 🙂

  14. Pauline says:

    I wish I had read your post 4 years ago when I was there! I had no idea there was so much to do and see in Hobart! Would love to go to the top of Mount Wellington.

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