The World’s Love Of Triumphal Arches

ICONIC MONUMENTS YOU SHOULD SEE Travel allows you to witness many magnificent engineering and architectural structures. Some of the most prominent landmarks you will see in many cities around the world are huge monumental arches standing proudly. These are called triumphal

20 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Tasmania

If you would like to know more about the most southern state of Australia, these 20 fun and fascinating facts about Tasmania will provide you with some marvellous insight into this magnificent part of the world.

Tassie, as it’s affectionately known, has an array of exciting landscapes of rainforests, mountains, cliffs, waterfalls and beaches to explore, as well as many other wonderful attractions. 

Jungle Breakfast With The Orangutans At Singapore Zoo

There are many awesome things to see and do in Singapore, but one of the most wild and memorable experiences I had there was jungle breakfast with the Orangutans at Singapore Zoo. This fun and unique activity is a highlight at the zoo. It has made a lasting impression on me and encouraged greater awareness of their plight as an endangered species.

The Perfect Stay At Shangri-La Apartments Singapore

I recently went on a long overdue girls’ getaway to the beautiful country of Singapore for a whole glorious week. My friends and I stayed at the fabulous Shangri-La Apartments, Singapore. This luxury oasis was the perfect accommodation for our group of six where we could all stay together comfortably. We were delighted with the splendid resort facilities and prime location. It was the ideal setting for our tropical, fun-filled holiday.