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Awesome Tips for Surviving Long Flights

FLY COMFORTABLY AND ARRIVE FEELING FRESH If you’re going on a long haul flight soon and you’re a little worried about how you will cope, don’t stress, I’m here to help. Read on for my awesome tips for surviving long flights that will have you jet-setting like a pro. You will fly more comfortably whilst in economy class and arrive at your destination feeling fresh. …

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Why You Should See Toledo

8 REASONS TO VISIT THIS SPANISH MEDIEVAL CITY If you haven’t been to Toledo in central Spain, I’m going to give you 8 great reasons why you should see this medieval city if you get the chance. These will definitely inspire you to visit; of that I am certain. I took a bus with my family from Spain’s capital of Madrid to Toledo, approximately one …

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Essential Tips For Visiting Italy

A VALUABLE GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIMERS Going to Italy for the first time, or thinking of planning a trip there? You’ll need my essential tips for visiting Italy. I will share some valuable advice to help you on your Italian adventure. I hope this guide I’ve put together especially for you will help make your time in Italy most memorable. Being from Italian heritage, I have …

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Must-See Rome's Famous Trevi Fountain

YOUR GUIDE – ALL THE FACTS, SECRETS, DO’S & DONT’S Have you visited Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain, one of the most iconic monuments of Italy? It is an absolutely stunning, must-see historical site of the Eternal City. I will share all the details, facts and secrets here in this guide to La Fontana di Trevi. La Fontana di Trevi is undoubtedly the most famous fountain …

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Monza Has Amazing Things To See

MORE THAN JUST FORMULA 1 Monza has amazing things to see, so much more than just the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The city of Monza is located 20 km from the centre of Milan in the North of Italy. I stopped by to check it out whilst driving in Italy, from Lake Como. What I soon realised was that there is so much more to …

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Why You Should See Piacenza

A CHARMING ITALIAN CITY Often overlooked by tourists, Piacenza is an absolutely charming city. Located in Northern Italy, in the province of the same name, in the Emilia-Romagna region. It is bursting with things to see and appreciate. Literally, it means ‘the place that pleases’ and I found this city to be very pleasant indeed. Between Milan, Parma, Verona and Genoa, it makes for a …

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Fun and Fantastic Facts About France

Do you love learning interesting information about other countries? Here I will share with you some fun and fantastic facts about the great country of France. France is one of my favourite countries to visit. I have been there several times and always enjoy my stay immensely, whether it be in the north or the south, inland or seaside, big cities or small towns. There …

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What NOT to do in India

THINGS YOU SHOULD AVOID Namaste. Are you going to India and want some guidance on what to expect there? Let me help you. I will give you my top tips and advice on what not to do in India. It’s important to be prepared before you go and knowing the things you shouldn’t do, and the things you should avoid, when visiting India will help …

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India’s Most Beautiful Temple

AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE Located in New Delhi, on the banks of the Yamuna River, is Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, India’s most beautiful Temple. It’s beauty is mesmerising. One of the most unique structures in the world, it is also the largest Hindu Temple in the world. Therefore, you must visit this spectacular Indian monument and cultural estate. I consider it to be one of the highlights of …

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10 Awesome Things To Do In St Kilda

MELBOURNE’S BEACH SUBURB When in Melbourne, Australia, you must visit the iconic beachside suburb of St Kilda. I will tell you the 10 most awesome things to do here that will make you fall in love with it. Just a short distance from Melbourne’s city centre, you will find the gorgeous beachside suburb of St Kilda, which has a spectacular stretch of golden beach. Yes …

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The Perfect Day Trips From Kuala Lumpur

3 PLACES YOU MUST VISIT Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and one of the biggest and most popular destinations in Asia. Of course, there are many fabulous places to visit in the city, and you should definitely spend several days here exploring. But, if you want to get away from the chaos of the big smoke, here are 3 perfect day trips …

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Best Places To Visit in Hobart

A QUICK GUIDE TO TASMANIA’S CAPITAL Hobart has endeared itself to Australians and tourists alike. With a more layback lifestyle than the bigger cities in the country, cleaner air than most cities in the world, and so many awesome places to visit, it’s a real gem waiting for you to explore. So, here is my quick guide of the best places to see in Hobart …

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42 Important Things About India

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO Before you go to India, you might want to know some important things that will help you understand this amazing country and its culture. So here is some very interesting information I have learnt since travelling to India that I wish to share with you. General Details About India India is the oldest continuous civilization in the world. 2. It is …

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Rickshaw Ride In Old Delhi

A ride on a cycle rickshaw, also known as a pedicab or tricycle taxi, is the best way to experience Old Delhi. The rickshaw rider can take you deep into the heart and soul of India, where cars can’t go. Here you will be immersed in the organised chaos of real life in India’s old capital. It’s a little scary, but absolutely fascinating. THE BEST …

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Why You Should Visit Queensland

Thinking of a visit to Queensland? Well, there are many reasons why you should go and experience the sunshine state of Australia. Let me highlight a few amazing things that will entice you to travel there and check it out for yourself. It’s an incredible place that I’m sure you will love as much as I do. AMAZING THINGS TO CHECK OUT Size of Queensland …

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Get Away To Surfers Paradise

Awesome Things To Do Do you need to getaway for a break? Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia is the quintessential beach resort vacation that you will love. It’s warm and sunny all year round, has miles of golden beaches, crystal clear water and sunny blue skies, making it an awesome holiday destination. Only problem is, you won’t want to leave. Queensland’s Surfers Paradise on the …

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Hobart Botanical Gardens in Spring

A Tasmanian Gem Spring into Springtime at Hobart’s Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens to enjoy the season’s colourful blooms. I recently did just that and spent a glorious half day wandering around this delightful gem, because who doesn’t love gardens and flowers, right? History of the gardens Located at the Queens Domain, the area was first inhabited by the Aboriginal people. Established just over 200 years …

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Experience The Bizarre ‘Mona’ Museum in Hobart

If you are going to Tasmania, you must experience the ‘Mona’ in the capital city of Hobart? What is Mona? It is the Museum of Old and New Art, a totally different encounter, definitely not your typical art museum, that’s for sure. You will love it or hate it. Either way, you have to check it out for yourself. Are you intrigued? Let me explain. …

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Essential Tips For Visiting Malaysia

A GUIDE FOR FIRST TIME TRAVELLERS Visiting a new country can be a bit daunting, so if you’re thinking of visiting Malaysia, here is my guide for first time travellers to this beautiful country. These 10 essential tips will help make your stay seamless and amazing. I’ve travelled to Malaysia more times than I can count, as I have friends and relatives there, and I …

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Should You See Kensington Palace?

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW  Going to London and wondering if you should see Kensington Palace? Let me help you decide. Here are some things you need to know, information about what to see and do, useful tips and advice. A Brief History Built in 1605, historically, it used to be known as Nottingham House until 1689, when it was renamed by the then King …

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Fascinating Facts About Australia

More Than 50 Things That Will Inspire You To Visit Are you interested in learning more about the only country in the world that occupies a whole continent? Then here are some fun and fascinating facts about Australia that you probably didn’t know and will surely surprise many of you. It is pretty much isolated from the rest of the world, so a lot of …

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See Agra Red Fort

A majestic monument symbolising power, pride and architectural splendour If you are visiting the famous Taj Mahal whilst touring India, then you must also see the Agra Red Fort nearby, just 2.5 kilometres away. Please don’t miss this amazing monument, which is one of the most important sites of India’s Mughal history. It is an immensely fascinating place that I’m sure you will enjoy. I …

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Leela Palace Delhi

Have you always wanted to stay in a Palace? To be treated like royalty? Then look no further than the opulent Leela Palace Hotel in New Delhi, where a guest is considered to be like God. Read about my recent luxury stay here and why it was so heavenly. Stay In Luxury A hotel stay like this one, I have never before experienced. It truly lives …

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Visit The Gandhi Memorial

Honouring the Father of India   A ‘Freedom Fighter’, the ‘Father of Indian Independence’, and the ‘Father of the Nation’ are some of the titles given to Mahatma Gandhi. But above all he was a Champion of Human Rights, and used non-violent resistance methods to promote his causes and beliefs. The Gandhi Smriti (Memorial) Museum in Delhi is the house where Gandhi lived during the …

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Delhi In A Day

5 BEST PLACES TO SEE Have you always wanted to visit Delhi in India? I have. It has always intrigued me, and I finally got to see and experience this historic, colourful, bustling city for myself first hand. It was so much better than I had imagined. Here is my ‘Delhi in a day’ tour, full of culture, amazing architecture, life and soul. Even though …

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Incredible Facts About Italy

If you have been to Italy you have no doubt been in awe of the beautiful cities, marvelled at the historical sites, admired the stunning art and savoured the delicious cuisine. In order to better appreciate the fabulous boot-shaped country on your next visit, here are 20 incredible facts about Italy that you should know. Or, if you’re still thinking about going for the first …

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7 Best Melbourne Restaurants

Are you coming to Melbourne and would like to dine at some classy establishments? Are you sick of the run-of-the-mill burger/fast-food joints when travelling? I totally understand, so let me help you. There are many, many fabulous places in which to dine. So I have put together a short list of 7 of the best restaurants in Melbourne in my opinion. I have personally dined …

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Really Cool Facts About Malaysia

12 Things you should know before you go When visiting other countries, I love learning fun and interesting facts to allow me to better understand and appreciate the place, the culture and the history. If you are thinking about going to Malaysia, here are 12 really cool facts that I have learnt on my travels to this tropical wonderland that I’m sure will blow your …

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A Stay In Saint Germain des Prés

The Perfect Place To Stay In Paris I had the perfect stay in Paris. It was a delightful 10 days sojourn in the charming Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood, in the 6th arrondisement (district) of Paris. I wanted to be near the main attractions, walking distance to shops and cafes, and experience everyday Parisian life as a local. It was the ideal location – quintessentially …

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How to speak coffee fluently in Italy

10 Coffee Rules Going to Italy? You’ll probably be wanting coffee there, am I right? So you might appreciate some advice on the subject, otherwise you’ll be lost, not to mention a tad cranky if you don’t get caffeinated. Don’t stress, I’m going to help you speak coffee fluently in Italy. Coffee is sacrosanct in Italy. It’s serious business, a religion, an artform, and an …

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A Visit To Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Chocolate Heaven Attention all chocolate lovers! Recently, I went to chocolate heaven. About an hour’s drive from Melbourne in the middle of wine country there is the divine Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. Why in the middle of vineyards? I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s as good a place as any. It’s like a fairy tale vision on the horizon! Such a beautiful …

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La Spezia Will Surprise You

La Spezia Want to know which big city in Italy isn’t overcrowded with tourists? It’s the picturesque, historic, seaside city of La Spezia, in Northern Italy. I hadn’t planned on going, but changed itinerary last minute due to family ‘issues’, and decided to drive to La Spezia from Parma, rather than go straight to Cinque Terre. I’m glad I did, because La Spezia really surprised …

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Amazing Facts About United Arab Emirates

In recent years tourists have been discovering the relatively new and exciting cities of the Emirates in the Middle East. These super-impressive, ultra modern metropolises have rapidly developed in the middle of the desert. In particular I’m referring to the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi which have become two of the most luxurious cities in the world today and are now very popular tourist …

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Amazing Facts About Qatar

All You Need To Know Before Visiting Qatar is a country of great extremes. With an ultra modern sprawling city landscape, to barren desert terrain, this Arab nation is flourishing. A relatively small country in Western Asia on the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar boasts great advances in an incredibly short time, given that it used to be one of the poorest countries in the region, not …

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Best Of Paris And The River Seine

30 REASONS TO LOVE THE SEINE History Of The Seine The banks of the River Seine were originally settled on by a tribe of Celtic fishermen called the Parisii in 250 BC. The land was very fertile and Paris grew and expanded. In the middle ages it was the biggest city in Europe. Eventually, it became home to the French Monarchy, before they moved to …

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Driving In Italy 🇮🇹

10 Tips For Driving In Italy Are you thinking of driving in Italy? You must be crazy! I’m just kidding. It’s not that bad. Let’s remain calm, take a deep breath and I’ll give you my 10 tips for driving in Italy. My family and I drove around Northern Italy last year and we survived. Just barely. No, I’m joking. Sorry. It’s just that everyone …

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A Gondola Ride In Venice

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW When you visit the unique city of Venice in Italy, you should experience a ride in a beautiful Venetian gondola. It is the most romantic ride in the world, in the most romantic city in the world. It is a must, in my opinion. I have been lucky to ride in a gondola twice in my life, and have found …

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Melbourne’s Iconic Carlton

4 Cool Sites To See in Carlton Walking distance from the city centre of Melbourne is the iconic suburb of Carlton. This historic area is one of the oldest parts of the city, dating from the beginning of the Victorian gold rush era in 1851. It is definitely one of my favourite parts of Melbourne, as there is so much to love here for locals …

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Cinqueterre – Quick Guide

FIVE RESORT TOWNS YOU WILL LOVE The Italian Riviera You will absolutely love the resort towns that make up “Cinqueterre” (five lands) on the gorgeous Italian Riviera. If you haven’t yet been, you will need my ‘Cinqueterre – Quick Guide’. This will provide you with an overview of what to expect, see and do here. These popular seaside destinations have tourists flocking from all over …

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Business Class Travel

 25 Perks of Business Class Travel  So you’re thinking about flying Business Class on your next overseas trip? You’re wondering, is it worth it? What benefits do you get? Is it much different to economy? Well, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Here are 25 perks of Business Class Travel to help you decide. I’ve been fortunate enough to fly business class for …

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A Stay At Vigoleno Castle

You Will Be Enchanted If you love fairytales, you are sure to be enchanted by the Castello di Vigoleno. In the north of Italy this real life original medieval castle is part of the charming historic Vigoleno village, located in Vernasca. It dates back to Roman times and sits high up on top of a hill in the picturesque Emilia Romagna Region near Parma.  The Castle …

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London Landmarks On The River Thames

6 Places You Should Visit Going to London, UK for a short stay? Here are 6 popular landmarks I think you should visit along the majestic River Thames that you will love. The magnificent River Thames is the life of London. It is England’s longest river with an incredible 33 bridges spanning across it in London itself, and plays host to a plethora of historic …

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Tower of London

Why You Must See This Castle The amazing Tower of London is situated in the middle of the city, along the Thames River. With metropolitan life bustling all around it, this fascinating one thousand-year old castle and fortress, harbours spooky tales. You must see it while you’re in London and I’ll tell you why. I drove around looking at it before working up the courage …

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Palace of Versailles

You Need To See It The Palace of Versailles is a grandiose monument from a fascinating period in French history when the royal family basked in extraordinary opulence. Magnificent architecture; extravagant luxury; stunning masterpieces … there aren’t adequate enough words to accurately describe how impressive the Palace really is. You must see the Palace of Versailles for yourself. I was blown away by the ostentatious lifestyle …

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Must See Parma!

A Charming Italian City A charming city renowned as Italy’s food capital, Parma is a gastronomic delight. Located in northern Italy, approximately an hour and a half drive south of Milan, you really must see Parma. Here you will experience delicious Italian food in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region. This region of Italy is famous for Parmesan cheese known as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma or …

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