Amazing Art At The Louvre

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Art at Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Must-See Masterpieces

If you are in Paris, you must visit the Louvre Museum especially if you love art, as I do. I recently spent a delightful day at the most famous museum in the world and I was absolutely enthralled by the amazing collection of art at the Louvre. Masterpieces from all around the world are beautifully showcased here at the gorgeous Palace. It’s definitely one of my favourite places to visit in Paris.

How Many Items Are At the Louvre Paris?

An impressive 35,000 items are on display! Mind you, that’s just what’s on show. Others are kept in storage, and some we will never get to see. How sad is that!

Artefacts from every age have been curated, from the 6th century BC, ancient civilisations, medieval times, right up to the 19th century.

My Photo Tour of the Louvre Paris

I want to share some of the fabulous art with you to whet your appetite, if you intend visiting this veritable palace of treasures for yourself in the future; a little teaser, if you will. My photo tour consists of a very small selection of the huge collection of amazing art at the Louvre. These are in no particular order, and by no means are they the only items you should see. Please don’t be one of those people who rush straight for the Mona Lisa for a quick selfie and that’s all. That would be a shame. There is so much more to see and appreciate here.


There is a staggering 7000 paintings on display, including those of French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish Painters. Here is my selection for your perusal.

The Biggest Painting At The Louvre Paris

The biggest painting in the museum is “The Wedding Feast at Cana” by Italian painter, Paolo Veronese in 1563, measuring a whopping 10 metres. How do you even paint a picture of that size?! And how did they transport it to the Louvre?

Well, this painting sure has a dramatic past. Originally it belonged in the ‘Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore’ in Venice and was taken by Napoleon as one of his many spoils of war that he collected. His minions simply decided to cut the the masterpiece in half to make it easier to bring back to Paris! What the … ?

Later during WWII, it was hidden away from the Germans, kept rolled up on a truck for a long time. Then in the 1990’s, a leaking air vent splattered the painting at the Louvre. A few years later while being restored and cleaned, it fell and metal ripped the canvas in several places. OMG. For gods sake, just leave it alone, before any more damage is done!

Interesting fact: Some of the artists used to live at the Louvre in apartments, such as, Le Brun and Fragonard, who now have their art displayed here.

Female Artists at the Louvre Paris

Do you know out of the 1,500 or so painters exhibited at the Louvre, there are only 21 female artists included? However, some artists used to paint anonymously in the past and it was often assumed the artists were male, but that may not have actually been the case.

Marie-Antoinette was a big supporter of female artists in France and encouraged them to come to the royal court to paint.

Statues and Murals at the Louvre Paris

The Louvre displays Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Egyptian, and Persian sculptures. This is a select few that I loved. 

Ceiling Art at the Louvre Paris

All throughout this stunning Museum there are decorative vaulted ceilings and frescoes, as you can see here.  

When at the Louvre, make sure you look up, that’s right, or you will miss some of the most fabulous art in the world. Elaborate ceiling art adorns many of the rooms and halls, such as the Galerie d’Apollon from the 1600’s. Many artists contributed to the ceilings to create such magnificent masterpieces. It was the norm in palaces and cathedrals to decorate ceilings, and walls, embellish corners and mouldings with sculptures and royal and religious emblems.

The art work displayed on the floor actually competes for attention with the ceilings which are just so beautiful. I spent a lot of my time with my head craned back and almost bumping into people while gazing up in awe. The only disappointing thing is you can’t get close enough to the high ceilings to get a good look at the amazing intricate art of the Louvre ceilings.

Seeing All Of The Louvre Paris

Sadly, when you visit the Louvre, you cannot see it all in just one visit. The palace is enormous and there is so much amazing art at the Louvre to see, that it’s not humanly possible. You will no doubt leave wanting more, as I did.

Ideally, at least a couple of visits is needed in order to better appreciate everything and really enjoy what you see. Don’t just rush through trying to fit it all in, because you’ll end up missing major pieces, as I did, that I regret not seeing.

Snazzy Tips: Wear comfortable shoes, bring a drink bottle, a battery charger, and arrive early.

Please note: The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

Tours Of The Louvre Paris

Oldest Item At The Louvre Paris

I was fascinated to learn that the oldest art piece in the Louvre is the Statue of Ain Ghazal, dated 7000 years before us! It is from Jordan and you can see it on display in a protective glass cabinet in the Sully Wing. Personally, it’s not one of my favourite pieces.

art at the louvre museum

Photo by ML Watts


There is so much amazing art at the Louvre. I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Have you been to the Louvre Museum?

Check website here.


When you are in Paris, you may also like to visit The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and my personal favourite, the Palace of Versailles. It is fabulous!


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Art at the Louvre Museum Paris France Snazzy Trips travel blog
Amazing Art at the Louvre Paris Snazzy Trips travel blog
Masterpieces to see at the Louvre Museum Paris France 1 Snazzy Trips travel blog
A Photo Tour of the Louvre Museum art Paris France Snazzy Trips travel blog

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