Best Virtual Tours Around Australia

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best virtual tours around Australia


From the safety and comfort of our homes and laptops we are able to travel almost anywhere in the world virtually. If you want to visit the vast and rugged country of Australia and see some of the most spectacular sites and tourist attractions, you can do so here, with these best virtual tours around Australia. 

Whether you crave adventure, animal encounters, or you are a culture lover, these online experiences will give you a little taste of Australia to quench your thirst, until you can visit in person.

These are some of the most exciting things to see and do across Australia, and are some of my favourite sites. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Let’s dive into them now.

1. Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

One of the most iconic sites in the world and an architectural highlight of the Australian landscape, the Sydney Opera House in New South Wales is a must-see attraction for any tourist to these shores.

Situated at the picturesque Sydney Harbour, the Opera House is a UNESCO heritage site, for its unusual and innovative design, and contribution to art and culture.

As a famous and much loved monument you can visit virtually and see the inside, as well as around the outside of the building, with this online tour, provided by the wonderful people at Google Arts and Culture.

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Sydney Opera House virtual tour HERE

Real tours of Sydney Opera House

2. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Take a virtual tour of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef which is double the size of any other reef in the world, and stretches for 2,300 km of the coastline in Queensland. 

This fabulous interactive journey is narrated by the all time legend, Sir David Attenborough. It has various chapters about different aspects of the reef.

Go on this epic tour from home and experience this wonder of the world. You will feel like you are actually underwater, up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Reef, as you click around and explore. It’s breathtaking and one of the best virtual tours around Australia, not to be missed.

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Great Barrier Reef virtual tour HERE

Real tours of Great Barrier Reef

3. Three Capes Track, Tasman National Park, Tasmania

In the far southeast of Tasmania, near Hobart, the remote and rugged coastline has a magnificent hiking destination called the Three Capes Track, in the Tasman National Park. Normally you can experience this hike in a guided group or on your own.

The pristine wilderness, with tall sea cliffs and amazing views of the Southern Ocean are almost out of this world, quite literally!

You can enjoy it virtually via this stunning YouTube aerial video. You will be holding your breath as you glide over the panoramic scenery of the 3 capes, which are called Cape Raoul, Cape Hauy and Cape Pillar. At the southern tip of the track, you can see Tasman Island and the lighthouse at the tip.

To find out more details and to plan a possible future hiking adventure here, which takes about 4 days, check the website.

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Three Capes Track virtual tour HERE

Real tours of Three Capes Track

4. The Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

One of the most recognisable coast lines in the world, the Apostles along the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne is a marvellous site to witness in person. It is one of my favourite destinations. The giant rock formations are a natural landmark and one of the most popular attractions for locals and tourists in Victoria.

This virtual tour by AirPano captures the rugged landscape beautifully and is absolutely magnificent. You can appreciate the aerial views of the Southern Ocean with the natural limestone peaks that rise out of the water. 

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Great Ocean Road virtual tour HERE

Real tours of Great Ocean Road

5. Whale Watch, Western Australia

Whales are one of the most majestic animals on the planet, and are amazing to watch. Each year some 40,000 whales migrate along the Western Australian coast. It’s a privilege to be able to get a glimpse of these graceful mammals in their natural habitat.

If you can’t go on a fabulous tour in person, the next best thing is to watch them virtually with Whale Watch Western Australia.

You can see Humpback, Blue, Orca and Southern Right whales swimming and playing in the ocean, some with calves.

For Orca whale watching, click here, Humpback whale watching, click here, Blue whale watching click here.

To see even more whales up close and personal, you can visit them here.

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Whale Watch WA

Real tours for Whale Watching

That’s all for now.

Have fun with these couch tours of Australia.

Thank you.

Snazzy Trips 

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