Spectacular Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay

supertrees at gardens by the bay
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Singapore’s famous Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay are a national icon. These giant trees are absolutely spectacular and will surely impress. If you only have a short time in Singapore, do not miss the unique Supertree Grove. An experience truly out of this world.

supertrees at gardens by the bay

Gardens By The Bay, which opened in 2012, is 250 acres of lush, tropical paradise. The website calls it a green jewel where wonder blooms, a description that holds true. You will be enthralled by these amazing gardens as you roam around absorbing the otherwordly landscape. There is so much to appreciate and enjoy here. More than 50 million people have already visited these gardens.

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Three gardens of Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay

There are in fact 3 waterfront gardens here – Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. It is free to enter the gardens, so you don’t need a ticket to wander around the grounds. They are open almost 24 hours everyday, closing only from 2am to 5am. So you have plenty of time to enjoy the 18 Supertrees.

Bay South Gardens

Bay South is the main attraction. If you don’t have much time in Singapore, head straight here. There is an extraordinary amount of things to check out at this location, including different types of gardens, a lake, a pond and much more. Don’t miss it! The highlight is most certainly the futuristic Supertree Grove where there are 12 of the Supertrees in close proximity to each other here in Bay South.

supertrees at gardens by the bay

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Exotic plants at Gardens By The Bay

The Supertrees

These gigantic trees, ranging in height from 25 to 50 metres, have well and truly put Singapore on the map. These are a huge tourist attraction and one of the most instagrammable places in the country.

You have never seen trees like this before. These impressive structures are not only beautiful looking creations, they also provide shade from their huge canopies, and each tree is an individual verticle garden, with plantings up the tree trunk. Each tree showcases a multitude of different plants growing on them.

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Eco-friendly structures

These 18 eco-friendly Supertrees run on harnessed solar energy for lighting and collected rainwater for irrigation. They are cleverly designed to function like actual trees.

supertrees at gardens by the bay

Supertress light show

Furthermore, the Supertrees provide a spectacular show every evening that entertains the whole city. It is called Garden Rhapsody, a light, sound and music show, at 7.45pm and 8.45pm. These last for 15 minutes and are free! The best vantage point for the show is underneath the trees, where you can sit or lie down on the grass. I also got to see the show from the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands. It is a mere 10 minute walk between the Gardens and Marina Bay Sands.

The theme for the show changes from time to time with different music. I got to enjoy the theme A Journey through Asia, with music of the different cultures. The light show is absolutely mesmerising. It’s like being in another world. I wanted more!

Other attractions at Gardens By The Bay

Some of the other amazing things you can see and do at Gardens By The Bay include:  

  • Skywalk in the clouds,
  • Cloud Forest Conservatory with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall,
  • Flower Dome Conservatory,
  • Supertree Observatory in the tallest tree,
  • Art sculptures,
  • Parks,
  • Children’s playground, and
  • Satay By The Bay food hawker centre.

While you are here, if you have time, I really recommend purchasing tickets to enter the 2 cooled conservatories, that are the Flower Dome and the Forest Dome and if possible, experience the Skywalk to appreciate an even more enchanting experience. You will observe the whole Marina Bay area from the air at a height of 22 metres. The views are stunning. Let me warn you that the Skywalk does sway a tiny bit when windy.

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Skywalk in the Clouds

supertrees at gardens by the bay


View from the Skywalk

Tours of Gardens By The Bay



Hope you enjoy the spectacular Supertrees at Gardens By The Bay, if you are fortunate enough to visit Singapore.

Make sure to check out my other articles on Singapore here.

Please leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Safe travels.

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  1. Rhonda Albom says:

    I actually enjoyed the light show at night more than the gardens, but we did it all, almost. We didn’t get up on that walkway between the supertrees. .

  2. Jean-Marie' de Lange says:

    Absolutely stunning! I recently watched ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and noticed this featured in there. I truly hope to visit Singapore one day because this is at the very top of my list! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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    Wow, I commend you on how thorough and informative this gorgeous blog post is – super helpful thank you. My husband’s dream is to visit Singapore so your tips are incredibly handy for our travel planning. I only knew a bit about the super trees but now I can see we have so much more to look forward – already in love with the plants in the photo you shared of the exotic plants – they are just stunning! Thanks again.

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