I decided to start writing a travel blog because people always ask me about where I go, what I do and where I stay on my trips. They want to know what some of these destinations are like and they always, always! love to see pictures and I love to share. So, here I am.

My travel experiences can also help other people to plan their own vacations and give them ideas and information they may find useful.

I hope all readers of my blog will find my travel tales entertaining and perhaps pick up some tips to make their holidays more enjoyable. 

Being fortunate enough to travel quite frequently, I find that documenting my journeys is also a great way for me to remember many of the details and incidents that happen along the way, that I may otherwise forget with the passing of time.

As a huge lover of photos, this forum is a particularly great way to showcase them and bring life to the travel blogs, because I think we would all agree, pictures speak louder than words.

Thank you for reading.