The Iconic Tuileries Gardens in Paris

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A stay in France‘s capital city has to include a stroll through the iconic Tuileries Gardens in Paris, in the 1st arrondissement. Being centrally located and within walking distance to many popular landmarks makes it unmissable, not that you would want to miss out on spending time in this historic park. It is absolutely beautiful and the ultimate in French gardens, full of sculptures and statues to discover, rivalled only by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. I spent a couple of hours here strolling the grounds, admiring the splendour of this romantic setting, and I didn’t want to leave.

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Pond in the Tuileries Gardens

Location of the Tuileries Gardens & adjoining Carrousel Gardens

The Tuileries Gardens include the smaller Carrousel Gardens which is between the Louvre wings. Together, the gardens are an unmissable and enchanting part of Paris . These stylish, formally landscaped gardens in the middle the Louvre Museum at one end and the Place de la Concorde at the other, and extend along the banks of the River Seine. The gardens are the perfect place to start or finish your tour of the grand Louvre Museum, as I did. And across the bridge from the gardens is another popular gallery, the D’Orsay Museum

Tuileries Gardens in Paris
Tuileries Gardens in Paris
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Facts about the Tuileries Gardens

  • Located at Rue de Rivoli, Ile-de-France 
  • a tile making factory existed here in the 13th century
  • it is a UNESCO world heritage site
  • was created by Queen Catherine de Medici
  • in existence since the 16th century
  • a Palace was also built at the same time, but burnt down in 1883
  • it was originally only a royal garden
  • it opened to the public in the 18th century, after the French Revolution
  • the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel connects the Tuileries Garden with the smaller Carrousel Gardens and the Louvre Museum
  • there are 23 hectares of Tuileries Gardens, plus 6 hectares of Carrousel Gardens
  • over 200 sculptures adorn the park
  • 2 ponds are in the gardens
  • there are more than 35 species of trees throughout
  • it is free to visit
  • the gardens are open everyday 7am to 9.30pm
  • gardeners here avoid using chemical weedkillers
  • it is forbidden to pick the flowers.
Tuileries Gardens in Paris

One of the most popular attractions and must-see landmarks of Paris, perfect for a stroll and some relaxation time for locals and tourists alike, the Tuileries Gardens also offer a wealth of historic and famous art for people to explore.

An Open Air Art Museum

As an extension of the Louvre, the gardens are in fact an open air art museum. Art lovers revel in the display and vast array of stunning statues, large urns and fountains throughout the gardens.

Some of the famous pieces to check out include,

  • various female nude statues by acclaimed sculptor Aristide Maillol,
  • statue ‘Julius Caesar’ by Ambrogio Parisi,
  • ‘Theseus fighting the Minotaur’ by Étienne-Jules Ramey,
  • ‘The Good Samaritan’ statue by the French sculptor Francois-Leon Sicard,
  • many masterpieces by renowned artist, Auguste Rodin, such as the bronze ‘Eve’ and the ‘Le Baiser’ (The Kiss), possibly the most famous statue here.
LAir by Aristide Maillol Tuileries garden Paris 11 August 2015 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Female Sculpture by Aristide Maillol – photo credit

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Theseus fighting the Minotaur by Étienne-Jules Ramey (French, 1796–1852).
900px Jules César by Ambrogio Parisi Jardin des Tuileries Paris 11 August 2015 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Sculture of Julius Caesar by Ambrogio Parisi – photo credit

Events at the Tuileries Gardens

Regular events take place here, such as:

  • The Garden Fair, held here each year in June, however this year it has been cancelled until further notice.
  • A traditional style Funfair in the Summertime, with rides and activities.
  • Christmastime illuminations.
the world's love of triumphal arches
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
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Place du Carrousel
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Louvre Museum

Other features of the Tuileries Gardens

Two modern and contemporary art galleries are located in the park. One is called the Jeu de Paume, and the other is called the Orangerie, which exhibits many Impressionist paintings.

There are various food places in the gardens, including takeaway kiosks. ‘La Terrasse de Pomone’ and Café des Marronniers are both sit down eateries.

Wooden toy sailing boats are available for rent on the weekends to sail in the ponds with remote controls.


So, when you’re in Paris don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Tuileries Gardens and take your time promenading through the grounds, as the royals once did in elegant fashion. It was, and still is, the place to be seen.

Au revoir.

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Layout of Tuileries Gardens – credit

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Tuileries Gardens in Paris, France
Unmissable Tuileries Gardens in Paris France Snazzy Trips travel blog
Tuileries Gardens & Carrousel Gardens Paris
The iconic Tuileries Gardens Carrousel Gardens Paris Snazzy Trips travel blog

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