How To Visit The Amazing Marina Bay Sands Roof Top

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If you are wanting to visit the Marina Bay Sands roof top at the most famous luxury Hotel in Singapore, without staying there as a guest, you can do so quite easily. I recently ventured up there to what seems like the top of the world, and enjoyed Singapore’s high life. It was one of my most memorable travel experiences. The rooftop will leave a life-long impression on you, as it did me.

Marina Bay Sands roof top, Singapore

Standing proudly on the city’s skyline overlooking the Marina Bay is an engineering and architectural wonder, and the crowning jewel of Singapore, the opulent Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino Resort complex. I was super-excited to see this magnificent structure and visit the incredible top deck. Let me tell you, I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It absolutely blew me away.

Visit Marina Bay Sands roof top in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands roof top

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About The Building

The complex officially opened in 2010 and is the second most expensive building in the world at S$8 billion. Since then it has drawn millions of visitors and is one of the most recognisable and distinctive structures in the world.

Is It A Ship?

Some say it looks like a ship in the sky. Some say a modern-day fairytale castle. Personally, I think it’s more of a spaceship, as it really looks like something from another world, descending upon us from out of space.


Marina Bay Sands Hotel

If you want to experience luxury, you can stay at the opulent 5 star Marina Bay Sands hotel and enjoy all the world-class facilities, including the biggest rooftop pool in the world. It’s enormous, a whopping 150 metres long, 4 times longer than an Olympic pool! This luxurious infinity pool, with arguably one of the best views in the world is, sadly, reserved for hotel customers only, as is the roof top garden. Next time I really need to stay a night at this hotel to be able to swim in the sky!

Marina Bay Sands roof top


Roof top infinity pool

But you can access other parts of the Marina Bay Sands roof top, known as the Sky Park, without being a guest of the hotel. Here’s how:

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

You can visit part of the Sky Park which is open to the general public, for a fee of S$23 per adult, when you enter the lift from the ground floor, via Tower 3. Get your ticket here.

What is the Sky Park exactly?

The Sky Park is the huge surfboard-like terrace at the top of the complex, held up by the three hotel towers. Located on the 57th floor, it is hard to believe the roof top is 3 acres in size. Here the public can access the Observation Deck, bar, dance floor, & restaurant.

Observation Deck

From the Observation Deck, you will be enthralled by the aerial city views of Singapore and its landmarks, which you will have fun spotting. This part of the roof top is the overhanging section protruding at one end.

Marina Bay Sands roof top


View from Observation deck


Dine at the restaurant. The highlight of my visit to Marina Bay Sands was a twilight dinner at Cé La Vi alfresco restaurant on the rooftop. The modern Asian cuisine was simply delicious. All my 5 dining companions thoroughly enjoyed their meals, made all the more tasty with the exceptional views. It is literally breathtaking and the fresh air at that height made the evening absolutely perfect. Warning – it is a little pricey, but I totally recommend it for a memorable night out that will surely impress.

Table bookings are essential.

Dress code is smart casual.

Marina Bay Sands roof top


restaurant at roof top

Sky Bar

Have drinks at the bar. We couldn’t get enough of the Singapore night views, so after dinner, we popped over to the Cé La Vie Sky Bar also on the Marina Bay Sands roof top. Here you get an equally spectacular panoramic vista, whilst enjoying drinks, nibbles and dancing to the DJ. Who doesn’t want to dance in the sky?!

Bookings are required only for the intimate sofa sections of the bar. Otherwise, you can walk in and grab a table on a first in/first serve basis, and stay as long as you like.

Dress code is smart casual.

Marina Bay Sands roof top


view from bar

Marina Bay Sands roof top


dance floor on roof top

What You Can See From Marina Bay Sands Roof Top Sky Park

You will be left speechless by the fantastic uninterrupted views you get from the Sky Park. Things you will see from the top are:

Singapore Merlion


Merlion of Singapore

Best Time To Go To Marina Bay Sands Roof Top Sky Park

I highly recommend going just before twilight hour, so you can enjoy day, sunset and night perspectives of the spectacular scenery. Don’t miss any of it. You can stay as long as you like.

In the evening you are able to see:

  • Gardens By The Bay Supertree Grove Night Time Spectacular – a light and music show on twice nightly, for free;
  • Spectra – Marina Bay Sands Laser Show, a light and water show featured nightly for free also, which is held on the 1st floor on the Waterfront Promenade, from 8pm, 2 or 3 times throughout the evenings; and
  • we were fortunate to see fireworks as well, which I was not expecting, but added even more fun and festivity to the evening.

Marina Bay Sands roof top


Garden domes & Supertrees night spectacular

Marina Bay Sands roof top


Lotus-shaped Museum

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Spectra light & water show seen from the roof top

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The whole experience was an absolutely amazing night of colour, light and sound. Definitely a high-light (pun intended) of my trip.

Snazzy Tip: If you have a Sky Park restaurant reservation, there is no cost to go up the lift to the observation deck. Otherwise the fee is S$23. Or, if you are planning to buy drinks at the Sky Bar there is usually no charge for the lift.

Important: Many items are prohibited. Please use common sense and don’t bring dangerous or unlawful objects up to the Sky Park.

Visit the Marina Bay Sands roof top


view of hotel infinity pool from bar

Fun Fact: Marina Bay Sands featured in the blockbuster movie of 2019, Crazy Rich Asians, as did Singapore’s Raffles Hotel.

Sky Park Observation Deck Tickets

If you want to visit the Marina Bay Sands roof top without going to the restaurant or bar, then you can purchase tickets for the Observation Deck only from any of the following options.

Interesting Fact: A 4th tower of Marina Bay Sands is going to be built. You heard it here first. Or maybe not. Either way, it will be fantastic I’m sure.

Have you been to the Sky Park? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you

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The amazing Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Singapore Snazzy Trips travel blog

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  1. trimmtravels says:

    I have heard of the Marina Bay Sands but this is the first review I’ve read. Those views are absolutely incredible! Especially the nighttime ones-I can only imagine how beautiful it is to watch the sunset there. I’m a huge fan of watching the sunset at the top of skyscrapers so this is right up my alley. I was surprised to find out it’s the second most expensive building in the world! I would go with ship in the sky or spaceship one, it’s architecture is amazing! Pinning because I must stay here at least a night when I visit Singapore!

  2. pinkcaddytraveloguegmailcom says:

    I had no idea that this was the second most expensive building in the world! The inside must be absolutely incredible. So good to know that you can actually go to the top, even if you’re not a hotel guest. Great tip to know that if you have a dinner reservation, you can use the lift for free!

  3. faecelinee says:

    I love Singapore and Marina Bay Sands. We were not able to go to the rooftop when we visited since I thought that it was only an observation deck and you can see the view from other hotel rooftop as well. I regret not doing it since there’s actually more to it than just an observation deck. I love how they also have restaurant and bars and the view is very beautiful too

  4. Sandra Papas says:

    Oh, interesting. I always thought you had to stay at the hotel to go to the top. Thanks for all the additonal info – who knew there was a Park!?

  5. Rhonda Albom says:

    Our second ever visit to Singapore was just two months ago, and this time we did stay at Marina Bay Sands and spent most of our time in that infinity pool. Your photos brought me right back there.

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