The Enchanting Cloud Forest Dome And Flower Dome In Singapore

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Ah Singapore! If you’ve read any of my previous Singapore posts, you’ll know how much I love this city and all the magnificent sites and landmarks there is to see. On my recent visit I explored the city’s ultimate tourist attraction, the famous Gardens By The Bay and two of the most magical places there, the enchanting Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore. They are huge futuristic arch-shaped conservatories showcasing magnificent displays of exotic and rare species of plants and flowers from around the world, some which are endangered, but are flourishing here in these climate-controlled glasshouses. Strolling around these enormous domes is quite a mesmerising experience. You have to see these really cool horticultural attractions when you go to Singapore.


These two impressive domes really stand out on the landscape and from a distance you can appreciate the awesome architecture of the massive curved structures of glass panes and steel frames. There are thousands of glass panels on each of these structures, which is a special glass that only allows the perfect amount of light and heat in.

They are engineering marvels that have somehow been built with no columns or pillars.

Both domes have been designed to be energy efficient and use rainwater for cooling. Furthemore, the domes are also environmentally friendly using horticultural waste to generate electricity.

The two domes make up a total of 2 hectares, and more than 250,000 plants are housed inside.

The Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore contribute to the unique and striking skyline and the innovative garden artistry the city has become known for.

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Outside the Domes

Where are the Domes?

Both the Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome are located in Bay South, one of the 3 gorgeous waterfront areas of Gardens By The Bay, the most exciting part of the city to visit, which also has the giant Supertrees.

Bay South is located near the iconic Marina Bay Sands complex, which stands large and proud on the skyline. The two domes are in fact gardens within a garden.

Cloud Forest Dome

This is the higher of the two domes, but the smaller area-wise. A spectacular greenery resembling a tropical mountain landscape, with a gentle mist showering the inside at regular intervals.

The centrepiece, as soon as you walk in, is an awesome waterfall, one of the 2 tallest indoor waterfalls in the world. The other being the Vortex at the Jewel complex in Singapore airport.

The Cloud Forest Dome is a cool-wet tropical mountainous environment, perfectly controlled at a temperature of about 23 degrees celsius. The ideal setting has been created for the plant species growing here.

As soon as you arrive inside from the overwhelming equatorial heat, you are welcomed by the refreshing cool moist air and the stunning indoor waterfall.


The sublime waterfall splashes down from a height of 35 metres, over the mountain, which is covered with luscious green plants. I could have stayed there enjoying the waterfall all day. It was heavenly.


The man-made mountain has been designed to replicate a natural mountain reaching the clouds.

There is a lift to take you to the top of the structure which is 45 metres high. Then you take the cloud walk at the top to enjoy the mesmerising views of the whole dome. You also get awesome views of the outside from the top.

Continue on and meander down the path and several levels and lookouts, allowing you to admire the amazing plants and waterfall down the mountainside.

Below the mountain there is an absolutely gorgeous crystal cave which is a magical place. This was such a joy to wander through and so enchanting.

Creative botanical sculptures are everywhere, which adds to the whole other-worldly experience.


The Cloud Forest is very densely planted and many of the plants grow on each other. These are called epiphytic plants.

There is a range of exotic and endangered flora from around the world, such as pitcher plants, bromeliads, orchids, and begonias, all thriving in this man-made, perfectly controlled environment.


Fabulous art sculptures are combined amongst the greenery, creating a lovely fusion of art and garden that make the dome truly a magical place.

Cloud Forest Dome photo gallery

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is not just about flowers. There is much to see and appreciate here for everyone.        It is a spectacle of colour and wonderment, designed to mimic the cool-dry Mediterranean and semi-arid environments. It is maintained at a pleasant temperature of about 24 degrees celsius for optimum conditions.

Themed gardens

The Flower Dome has 9 different themed gardens from all parts of the world, beautifully displayed with plants from the Mediterranean, Australia, Africa and South America. Personally the Australian garden was the least interesting, maybe because I’m from Australia so I see these plants all the time, such as the weird looking Queensland Bottle Tree.

Here you’ll discover a selection of other unusual plants and trees, in particular the Boabab Trees caught my eye, with their huge bulbous trunk. I loved the 1000 year old Olive Tree that has been transplanted from the Mediterranean and thriving in Singapore. This is quite remarkable. Cacti and Succulents are also grown here successfully.

Flower Field

The Flower Field is my favourite section with colourful blossoms in abundance. Flowers that aren’t native to this part of the world are grown successfully in this dome. There are mass plantings of various types of flowers throughout the year, such as tulips, camellias, dahlias, magnolias and cherry blossoms, to name a few. The plantings in this middle part of the dome are changed regularly to reflect different themes. I was here just after Chinese New Year to see the captivating artistic floral and art displays of that season.

Art Sculptures

You will find many fascinating art sculptures throughout the Flower Dome, showcasing creative garden artistry. Be sure to take a close look at the intricate work.

An absolute joy to wander around, especially for flower lovers. Don’t miss visiting the Flower Dome, as it doesn’t take long to stroll around the whole area and it’s a lovely cool change from the sweltering Singapore heat.

Flower Dome photo gallery

Snazzy tips for visiting Cloud Forest and Flower Dome in Singapore

  • Check the Gardens By The Bay website for up to date information
  • Download the Gardens By The Bay app on your phone
  • Book your visit in advance
  • I recommend seeing both domes for a special price & skip the ticket queues
  • Allow at least 1 hour to visit each dome
  • Open everyday, 9am to 9pm

Tours and tickets

Accommodation deals in Singapore

There you have it. The Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore are very popular attractions for locals and tourists. The perfect outing, day or night, to escape the heat.

Please leave a comment below.

Bye for now.

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Singapore's Enchanting Cloud Forest & Flower Dome
Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore
Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome in Singapore
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    Wow, I would freaking love to visit these domes! They look so stunning. I’ve been to so many gardens that I rarely go to a new one, but I think these would make the cut.

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVEDDD the flower dome and cloud forest! I went on my first day in Singapore and it really set a fantastic tone for my whole trip there! You’ve captured it BEAUTIFULLY!!

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    Wow, this is beyond incredible. I can’t believe the beautiful waterfall and how much else has been built here. I was in Singapore about 10 years ago and it was a beautiful city then but either this is newer or I completely missed it. I’d love to go back and see how things have changed as Singapore seems like a place that is always growing and getting better

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