10 Awesome Things To Do In St Kilda, Melbourne

things to do in St Kilda
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When in Melbourne, Australia, you must visit the iconic beachside suburb of St Kilda. Let me give you the 10 most awesome things to do in St Kilda that you will enjoy and make you fall in love with it.

Just a short distance from Melbourne’s city centre, you will find the gorgeous beachside suburb of St Kilda, which has a spectacular stretch of golden beach. Yes a city beach! How many big cities have a beach only a few kilometres from the central business district? Not many.

Things to do in St Kilda

St Kilda is a historic suburb that has blended old world charm with a bohemian feel, and has luxury entertainment venues with a thriving beach culture as well.

You will be enthralled to find a theme park, numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, live shows, shops, an indoor pool, parks, and a marvellous pier.

It happens to be one of my favourite areas of Melbourne to hang out with friends on the weekends.

The main streets here are Acland Street and Fitzroy Street, buzzing with life.

St Kilda also has a bit of a shady past and plenty of eccentric people, but that all adds to the appeal and character of the neighbourhood.

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Acland Street, St Kilda

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Street art

1. St Kilda Beach Foreshore

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Being Melbourne’s closest beach, locals swarm here on hot Summer days to bathe and enjoy the beach lifestyle. You can partake in various water sports, like boating, paddle boarding and kitesurfing.

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In fact, the area draws people all year round, who enjoy the panoramic views whilst dining and socialising by the waters of Port Philip Bay.

A gorgeous boardwalk borders the shoreline, perfect for those not wanting to be on the sand, but still keen to get out and enjoy the scenery.

Things to do in St Kilda


St Kilda beach

Things to do in St Kilda


Beach promenade

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Statues along the beach front

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Statues on the beach promenade

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St Kilda lighthouse seen in the distance

2. St Kilda Pier and Pavilion

A stroll along St Kilda Pier is a must, and at the end you will find the historic Pier Pavilion, an Edwardian style kiosk where you can quench your thirst.

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Things to do in St Kilda


St Kilda pier pavilion cafe

3. Little Penguins

A colony of fairy penguins or “little penguins” can be seen at the end of the pier before dawn and at dusk. Here they burrow and nest underneath and have long been seasonal residents of St Kilda pier.

The best time of year to observe the adorable creatures is between October and March. There are volunteer penguin guides to keep spectators in order and protect the cute flippered animals.

Snazzy Tip: If photographing the penguins, please do not use a flash, as this scares them.

Things to do in St Kilda


Little Penguin at St Kilda Pier – photo credit

4. St Kilda Esplanade

The Esplanade is the main thoroughfare through St Kilda, lined with palm trees, where most of the attractions are located.

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The Esplanade

5. Luna Park

Definitely one of the most iconic things to do in St Kilda is Luna Park. Established in 1912, it is a historic feature of Melbourne and one of the most recognisable faces of the city. The Scenic Railway Rollercoaster here at Luna Park is the oldest in the world that has never closed down. The scenic view of the bay whilst on the ride is spectacular.

Entry to Luna Park is free, but you are required to pay for rides. Open everyday.

Things to do in St Kilda


Luna Park entrance

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Oldest roller coaster in the world

6. St Kilda Sea Baths

St Kilda Sea Baths is an indoor heated pool with sea-water. Moorish domes on the building and filigree screens adorn the exterior of the building which was built in 2001, replacing the old sea bath structure form 1860 which had all but burnt down.

Snazzy Trivia: Did you know, that in the past, swimming in the sea was considered inappropriate? Not sure why. Hence, the salt water sea baths were built right on the shore, as the next best thing, I suppose.

Things to do in St Kilda


St Kilda Sea Baths

Things to do in St Kilda


Sea Baths – photo credit

7. St Kilda Market

The markets have been a longstanding feature here and are in business every weekend. Hugely popular for local crafts and homemade goods, you will definitely not come away empty handed.

Things to do in St Kilda


St Kilda Market

8. Palais Theatre

Hosting live acts, ballet, opera and film, many international performers have graced the stage of the Palais Theatre since 1927. Some of these are The Rolling Stones, The Monkeys and Tom Jones.

Located right next to Luna Park, it’s one of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne, in the lovely Art Deco style.

Things to do in St Kilda


The Palais Theatre

9. Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

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So many fabulous restaurants, cafes and bars are available in the area to choose from for all occasions, tastes and budgets.

One of the oldest hotels in Melbourne is St Kilda’s Esplanade Hotel, built in 1878. It has always been famous for live music, and has several bars and restaurants which are always popular. Known affectionately as ‘The Espy’ by locals, it is situated across the road from the beach.

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The Espy

Captain Baxter, another popular haunt located in the Sea Baths complex, overlooking the beach. You can enjoy dining in the restaurant and/or drinks in the cocktail lounge.

Stokehouse, is a delightful fine-dining restaurant and bar, also with seaside views. One of the most iconic restaurants in Melbourne and one of my favourites.

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Stokehouse restaurant

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But my most favourite restaurant in St Kilda is Rococo. Great mediterranean food and a lovely atmosphere, I highly recommend it for informal, yummy food for sharing.

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Rococo restaurant

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb c14 Snazzy Trips travel blog


Rococo dishes

Cafes and cake shops are in abundance in Acland Street. The big problem is which cake to choose!

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb bf3 Snazzy Trips travel blog

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb bee Snazzy Trips travel blog

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb bef 1 Snazzy Trips travel blog


Me deciding which cake today

10. Parks and Gardens

St Kilda Botanical Gardens were established in the mid 1800’s. Here you have a pond, a conservatory and a glasshouse to enjoy.

Things to do in St Kilda


St Kilda Botanical Gardens – photo credit

Catani Gardens is a beautiful park on the foreshore where music festivals are held regularly.

Things to do in St Kilda


Catani Gardens

With so many awesome things to do in St Kilda, you won’t want to miss visiting this beachside part of Melbourne.

Getting here is easy. Just a few minutes drive from Melbourne’s central business district, or jump on a tram.

Any comments are always welcome.

Thank you.

Things to do in St Kilda


Sunset at St Kilda beach. 

Accommodation in Melbourne


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