Luxury At Leela Palace Delhi

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Have you always wanted to stay in a Palace? To be treated like royalty? Then look no further than the opulent Leela Palace Delhi, a luxury hotel. Here a guest is considered to be like God. Read about my recent stay and why it was so heavenly.

Luxury stay at Leela Palace


A hotel stay like this one, I have never before experienced. It truly lives up to its name – a ‘palace’ in every sense of the word. I stayed here recently on my trip to Delhi in India and was treated like royalty. I will give you a taste of what it’s like to be enveloped in luxury at the very grand Leela Palace Delhi.

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Upon arrival at Leela Palace Delhi

Luxury stay at Leela Palace Delhi


Grand Foyer

The royal treatment began immediately upon arrival with a welcoming committee like no other. Greetings of ‘namaste’ from the hosts, doors opened for us, a fresh-flower garland placed around our necks, a red bindi dotted on our foreheads and then we were immediately shown to the formal lounge area to relax in comfort. We were offered a cool drink, which was much appreciated, given the very hot climate of July in Delhi, let me tell you!

There was no need to go to the check-in counter and stand there wearily while our details are processed, as is the norm. We were treated like a special guest being welcomed at someone’s residence, a very palatial residence! Shortly after we were escorted by our hostess to our room for private check-in and orientation of the facilities. The whole ‘red carpet’ routine was a totally different experience to any other hotel and certainly made for an excellent first impression.

Our Suite at Leela Palace Delhi

Wow! What a majestic suite, fit for royalty. My husband and I were gobsmacked at the expansive sized room, much bigger than the standard room in other 5-star hotels. The furnishings and decor are ultra-luxurious and super-comfortable. Every attention to detail is paramount here at the Leela where I was beyond excited to spend 4 glorious days and bask in luxury. So exciting! I really didn’t want to leave the suite. Can you blame me?

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Restaurants and Bars at Leela Palace Delhi

Chocolate Assiette

There are many tantalising restaurants at the palace to enjoy, from casual to fine-dining. An extensive buffet breakfast to rival any I’ve experienced before, is served in the Qube Restaurant. This is my favourite here, as there is no need to reserve a table, and it has huge glass walls and views of the garden, in an ultra modern setting, serving international cuisine cooked by international chefs, and all day dining. What more could you want?

The Qube Restaurant Buffet

I’ll tell you. Cocktails, fabulous desserts and a romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, impeccable service and super-friendly staff made it an absolutely delightful dining experience.

Luxury stay at Leela Palace


The Library Bar

Other restaurants here include an Italian-French restaurant and a Japanese restaurant.

The Rooftop Terrace Pool of Leela Palace Delhi

The infinity pool, because you would expect there to be one here of course, was on the roof terrace, with a view of Delhi. What better way to unwind, after an exhausting day of sightseeing in the steamy hot Indian weather of July, than by taking a dip in the pool with a cocktail, though not necessarily simultaneously. I was in heaven, and I didn’t want to come out of this perfectly temperature controlled water.

The Luxury

The hotel oozes luxury at every turn, in every room, every hallway, and the decor is just stunning. Amazing artwork of famous Indian artists, are featured everywhere. It’s like a gallery.

Luxury stay at Leela Palace

Room Service

I always love to try out room service, because it’s such an indulgent thing to enjoy on holidays. Of course it doesn’t just come on a tray, but on a table wheeled into your suite, complete with white table cloth, full table settings and trimmings, cloches and food warmer underneath. Fabulous way to spend a night in.

Facilities at Leela Palace Delhi

Any great hotel has a Health Spa and Gym, and the Palace is no exception, with very extensive amenities. Also, there are yoga and meditation classes.

Curated gardens and meticulously maintained courtyards are a pleasure to relax in and enjoy the balmy weather.


The Extra Touches


Often it’s the little things that really impress, don’t you agree?

The Leela offers many extra, thoughtful touches that you often don’t get in other 5 star hotels, at no extra cost, such as:

  • A plate of cakes in our suite on arrival.
  • Fresh fruit and biscuits provided every day in our suite also.
  • A Pillow Menu. Whaaat … ? Yes, a pillow menu for you to choose from, for your preferred type of stuffing. Stop laughing … I kid you not!
  • A choice of what time you would like your room made.
  • Every door, I stress, every door, is opened for you with traditional Indian greeting.
  • A later than normal check-out at 12 noon, which is very generous.

Furthermore, we were offered an extra late check-out till 6pm! Yes, you read that correctly, 6pm, at no charge, because they knew we had a late flight. We didn’t have to ask. Instead, they were more than eager to accommodate us and our schedule. How very considerate and very much appreciated, because that meant we could arrive at the airport for our long haul flight back to Melbourne, Australia, well rested and freshly showered.

What is the cost for a luxury stay at the Leela Palace Delhi?

Rooms start at A$250 (Australian Dollars) per night.

In my opinion, this is very reasonable for a hotel of this calibre.


That was my luxury stay at the regal Leela Palace Delhi. I hope to return in the future.

I would love any comments you may wish to leave me, in the section below.

Thank you.



Huge elephant statues at the main entrance

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Luxury stay at Leela Palace

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