Popular Souvenirs To Buy In Australia

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Wondering what souvenirs to buy in Australia? There is a wealth of popular iconic Australian products to choose from and I will guide you on the best things to look for. It’s always preferable to take home things you can actually use after your trip and not just throw them in the cupboard.


Any good holiday is remembered fondly with souvenirs and mementos collected along the way. I always love coming home with a few special items to treasure, some for myself and a few for special people in my life, if they’re lucky. Preferably something that can be used and enjoyed.

When you visit Australia you will no doubt be tempted to purchase some of the amazing products on offer as you browse the markets and shops. Here are a few quintessential souvenirs to buy in Australian that are super-popular. 

Australian Opals

You may not know that Australian opals make up 95% of the world’s supply of opal gemstones. Australian opals are also the most expensive in the world. Two of the most sought after are Black Opals and Fire Opals. Opals are mined in 3 states: Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Jewellery made with opals can be bought all throughout the country in jewellery stores, and of course, vary in price. Definitely worth checking out if you love rainbow coloured stones. They are simply beautiful.

pale blue opal pendant Snazzy Trips travel blog
australian opals e1597664500804 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Indigenous Art

Traditionally painted Aboriginal items are very popular Australian souvenirs. Indigenous painting is often done using the ‘dot painting’ technique and many other unique styles. To learn more about Aboriginal Art read my article. It’s quite mesmerising and the paintings have an almost 3D effect. There’s a certain energy about them. Alice Springs in central Australia is one of the best places for Aboriginal art, with many galleries in the centre of town.

You may like a boomerang, a canvas or other unique artwork to take home.

Aboriginal print scarf Snazzy Trips travel blog
Aboriginal print scarf
souvenirs to buy in Australia
Aboriginal artist, Pati, Nth Queensland
aboriginal artwork scaled Snazzy Trips travel blog
Aboriginal wall art
pink aboriginal print bag Snazzy Trips travel blog
Aboriginal print bag

Australian Wine

Australians love wine. Did you know Australia is the 5th largest wine producer in the world? The Australian Wine industry is huge with every state producing wine. There are in fact 65 wine regions in the country. Australians prefer to drink their own wine over international wines, which make up only 20% of the market. More than half of the total wine produced is exported overseas. 

Fun fact: the Barossa Valley is the oldest wine region in Australia.

So buy a bottle and take it back with you. Most airlines allow you to carry at least one bottle of alcohol per person.

souvenirs to buy in Australia
souvenirs to buy in Australia
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Australian Beauty Products

There is a wealth of beauty and makeup products made in Australia that are very popular. Some of these are Nude by Nature, Australis, Napoleon Perdis, Sukin, Bondi Sands and Jurlique, just to name of few. These are all iconic, much-loved brands, that are readily available in most shopping centres. You should give them a try. I have personally used all of these products over the years, believe it or not.

makeup Snazzy Trips travel blog
sukin e1633939753291 Snazzy Trips travel blog
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jurlique 1 e1633939497852 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Australian Ugg Boots

The original Australian classic Ugg Boots are very sought after as souvenir items. They are made from 100% natural sheep skin and are fleecy on the inside. These boots are popular for indoor and outdoor use because they are sooo comfortable.

souvenirs to buy in Australia

Australian Designer Clothes

There are tonnes of Australian clothing brands, designed in Australia. Many of them are popular overseas. Some of my favourite Australian designers that you can easily find in all major Australian cities are: Billabong, Camilla, Tigerlily, Swank, Country Road, Saba, Zimmermann, Seafolly, Witchery, Zanerobe, Tony Bianco, Carla Zampatti, Decjuba, Gorman and many more. Check out the website, Finder, for all the Australian designer labels.

Cotton On e1633938332283 Snazzy Trips travel blog
seafolly e1633938401650 Snazzy Trips travel blog
Decjuba e1633938432804 Snazzy Trips travel blog

Australian Akubra Hat

You may recall seeing the Akubra Hat in Australian movies, such as Crocodile Dundee. The classic Aussie hat is great for the harsh outdoor conditions. But they are not only worn by cattlemen. Anyone looks good in them, even females. They have different colours to choose from too. Akubras have become a fashion accessory, often seen worn at the races.

souvenirs to buy in Australia

Australian Football League (AFL) Gear

AFL is the much loved sport of the country. If you’re a sport lover, you will most likely see a match, if you happen to be in the country during the crazy football season. So, get into the spirit of the game and buy a Sherrin football or a football jersey of your chosen team. The authentic AFL products can be found in AFL Stores everywhere.

afl game Snazzy Trips travel blog
AFL game
cf4507ae4969876df39b5f798b6f40ce XL e1633938525807 Snazzy Trips travel blog
AFL team jerseys

Australian Animal Souvenirs

Australian animals are so adorable, everyone wants to take home a souvenir of them. You’ll find, key rings, glasses, t-shirts, towels, baby clothes, carry bags, plates and almost anything you can think of with koalas and kangaroos on them.

australian baby blanket Snazzy Trips travel blog
Australian animals baby wrap
Australian animals pewter clock Snazzy Trips travel blog
Australian animals pewter clock
australiana drink coasters Snazzy Trips travel blog
Australiana vintage drink coasters
souvenirs to buy in Australia
Koals socks

Australian Wool Products

Australian wool items are highly sought after. Some of the wool products you can find are Merino sheepskin rugs, quilts, blankets, jumpers, slippers and thermal underwear. Be sure to check them out.

souvenirs to buy in Australia
Wool quilt
sheep skin 1 Snazzy Trips travel blog
Sheep skin rug

That’s my list of recommended Australian products and popular souvenirs to buy in Australia.

Happy shopping whilst in Australia.

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Popular Souvenirs to bring home from Australia Snazzy Trips travel blog
Iconic Australian Souvenirs to buy Snazzy Trips travel blog
Souvenirs to buy in Australia Snazzy Trips travel blog

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15 thoughts on “Popular Souvenirs To Buy In Australia

  1. loufrance says:

    Ah I love a pair of Ugg boots in the winter! I had no idea about the opals though, they’re beautiful 🙂

  2. ansh997x says:

    One of my friends gifted me a piece of Aboriginal Art but I have heard that they are not actually made by tribal folks lol. I always play it safe and buy some fridge magnets.

  3. Desiree C says:

    Australia is my last continent and I can’t wait to purchase some of these!

    I appreciate the list of must haves. Souvenir shopping can be somewhat overwhelming especially when there is so many options.

    I’m not sure the wine would make it home with me though ?

  4. Ada says:

    I love a meaningful souvenir and definitely tend towards “consumables” so a bottle of wine sounds perfect, although those opals are awfully beautiful too.

  5. MY RIG Adventures says:

    Ahh being an Aussie gal myself I found myself nodding my head as I was reading. Everyone should definitely have a good pair of Ugg Boots!

  6. josypheen says:

    I have an opal from Aus – they are such amazingly beautiful (and totally unique) rocks. If I visited I would love to visit the mines (and those cool underground houses) where people dig them up!!

    Wine is a great idea too, as long as you don’t drink it before you leave the country! 😉

  7. Linn says:

    Makes me dreaming about going back to Australia! I did get a boomerang painted by an Aboriginie friend’s auntie about 15 years ago when I spent time with a tribe in the rain forest! So beautiful art work:)

  8. Bright Lights of America says:

    I remember my parents buying some of these items for family we were travelling overseas to visit 🙂

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