20 Fun and Fascinating Facts About Tasmania

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If you would like to know more about the most southern state of Australia, these 20 fun and fascinating facts about Tasmania will provide you with some marvellous insight into this magnificent part of the world.

Tassie, as it’s affectionately known, has an array of exciting landscapes of rainforests, mountains, cliffs, waterfalls and beaches to explore, as well as many other wonderful attractions. 

Whether it be the bigger cities of Hobart and Launceston, or smaller towns and islands, Tasmania will capture your heart. Tasmania is a delightful holiday destination which I have enjoyed visiting many times. It’s just a short flight to Australia’s island state from Melbourne, or a ferry ride over Bass Strait.

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View from Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Interesting things about the island state

1. Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state, but it’s slightly bigger than Sri Lanka and similar in size to Ireland or Switzerland.

2. The island of Tasmania includes 334 surrounding islands, most are uninhabited, and some are privately owned.

3. Tasmania is the most mountainous state in Australia. It’s also one of the most mountainous islands in the world and a popular destination for mountain climbers. Mount Ossa is the highest mountain in Tasmania. 

cradle mountain and dove lake Snazzy Trips travel blog
Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, Tasmania

4. The Tasmanian Wilderness is a World Heritage Site. 42% of the land is covered in parks and reserves. There are 19 National Parks. Check out this website for a list of the parks you can visit. Entry passes are required.

5. Tasmania has some of the oldest trees in the world. The Huon Pine tree has been in existence here for 10,500 years and only grows in the rainforest of Southwest Tasmania, and nowhere else.

6. The Tasmanian Devil is only found in this state and is the world’s biggest carnivorous marsupial still in existence. It is an endangered species. 

The Tasmanian Tiger, was the largest carnivorous marsupial, which became extinct in the 1930’s.

tasmanian devil 1 Snazzy Trips travel blog
Tasmanian Devil

7. Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle, as it used to be one of the biggest growers of apples in the world.

8. Tassie was named after the European explorer, Abel Tasman, a dutchman, the first European to set foot on Tasmanian soil in 1642. Remarkably, he didn’t discover mainland Australia until his 2nd trip.

9. A naturally formed tessellated pavement effect of saltwater pools exists near Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula, which is a type of erosion only found in a few places on earth. They are mostly rectangular and look like they were manmade.

facts about Tasmania
Tessellated Pavement, Tasmania - Wikipedia

10. Tasmania is considered to have the world’s cleanest air, in the Northwest of the state.

11. Tasmania has a mainland coastline of 2,833 km.  

12. Holland, which is renowned for its tulips, actually imports tulips from Tasmania.

Table Cape Tulip Farm, on the north west coast of Tasmania, grows more than 80 varieties of bulbs on 90 acres. It is situated on the remnants of an old volcano. An annual Tulip Festival is held in the nearby town Wynyard each October.

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Wynyard Tulip Festival, Tasmania - Flickr

13. Tassie has the only world approved bottled rainwater. Pure rain water from the rainforests of the Northwestern region, is harvested and bottled, from the same area with the cleanest air.

14. There are more than 2,000 kilometres of walking tracks in Tasmania, a hiker’s paradise, with trails to suit everyone, over different landscapes. Check out this website. You may be interested in this hiking tour.

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Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania

15. Tasmania is home to the tallest flowering plants in the world. The tallest Eucalyptus Regnans at over 100 metres, are found in Southern parts of the state. These trees have clusters of white flowers and are also known as Mountain Ash.

16. Tahune Air Walk in Geeveston, is built amongst the treetops overlooking the Unesco Tasmanian Wilderness, and reaches up to 50 metres high, making it one of the highest suspended canopy walks in the world.

Tahune Airwalk Snazzy Trips travel blog
Tahune Airwalk Tasmania - Wikipedia

17. Tasmania has the largest privately owned lavender farm in the world, called Bridestowe Lavender Estate, located in Nabowla. It is open everyday and entry is free.

18. There are 55 waterfalls in Tasmania. Check out this website for all the various locations.

Nelson Falls nature trail Tasmania Snazzy Trips travel blog
Nelson Falls trail

19. The Aurora Australis Southern Lights are best seen from Tasmania. The best spot is the furthest point south, closest to the South Pole, which is Cockle Creek. The best time is Winter and you need a good camera and tripod to see them properly.

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Aurora Australis, Hobart, Tasmania (no enhancement) - Flickr

20. Tasmania is renowned for its convict past and the UNESCO site of Port Arthur is Australia’s most famous and most intact convict site. It was established by the British in the 1800’s for hardened criminals who were transported to Australia to serve out their sentence.

Today this historic landmark, built by the prisoners at the time, is an open air Museum, Church and gardens in a scenic setting on 250 acres, and is a top tourist attraction of Tasmania.

Port Arthur is open every day and even has ghost tours in the evenings.

Tours are available here.

Port Arthur Tasmania Snazzy Trips travel blog
Port Arthur historic site

21. On your travels around Tasmania you will come across some places with hilarious names, some of which are a bit crude. These are real places, I kid you not: Pisspot Creek, Prickly Bottom, Thrush Forest, Dismal Swamp, Break-Me-Neck Hill, Cramps Bay, The End Of The World, and the The Nipples. Just a few of the colourful names that will keep you laughing on your trip around Tasmania.

tasman arch tasmania Snazzy Trips travel blog
Tasman Arch, Tasman National Park, Tasmania

A few more facts about Tasmania ...

  • There are no passenger trains in Tasmania. Only freight trains exist, and a few privately owned restored historic steam and diesel trains, which offer rides through the Tasmanian wilderness and coastline. Check this website.
  • The only pubic transport that exists in Tasmania is buses.
  • Driving is the best way to get around the towns.
  • Tasmania is like a small town with only 2% of Australia’s population, of just over half a million people.
  • Tassie has 69 golf courses.

Popular culture

– Errol Flynn, Hollywood actor was born in Tasmania.

– Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary was born in Tasmania.

– The movie Lion with Dev Patel was filmed in Tasmania.

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Port of Hobart, Tasmania

To help plan a visit to Tassie, you may want to check out,

  • the ‘Discover Tasmania’ website, and
  • the ‘Tasmania’ website,

both sites have tonnes of information and advice to assist you.

You may also like to read my other blog posts on Tasmania here.

Tours of Tasmania

Check out these awesome tours of Tasmania:


I hope you enjoyed this article on the fun and fascinating facts about Tasmania. You may leave any comments below.

Thank you.

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facts about Tasmania, Australia
facts about Tasmania, Australia
facts about Tasmania, Australia
21 fun fantastic facts about Tasmania Australia 2 Snazzy Trips travel blog

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    I really loved to read all these facts about Tasmania. It’s the only state in Australia I haven’t been to, so I didn’t know many of them. I can’t believe it’s as big as Ireland, it looks so tiny next to the main Island that you would have never guessed that.

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