Vigoleno Castle

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You Will Be Enchanted

If you love fairy tales, you are sure to be enchanted by the Castello di Vigoleno. In the north of Italy, this real life original medieval castle is part of the charming historic Vigoleno village, located in Vernasca. It dates back to Roman times and sits high up on top of a hill in the Emilia Romagna Region, not too far from Parma

old castle, tower and front gate
Entrance to Vigoleno Castle

The Castle

A fortified castle, Vigoleno was built for defensive purposes to protect the area in the past. It has a tower of course, which is very impressive and was obviously well constructed as a keep, to guard its inhabitants during times of battle.

Up until the early 1900’s it belonged to the Scotti family of Piacenza, a wealthy aristocratic clan who owned it for centuries, which is quite unusual apparently, for the castle to have remained in the same family for so long. Interestingly, they originally came from Scotland.


The whole castle has been meticulously restored and maintained over the years, in keeping with its heritage. It is very authentic, unlike other castles you may visit.

I was there in Winter and it wasn’t very busy, which suits me just fine. But it is a popular location for events and functions, such as weddings. What a beautiful setting for such an occasion, as it’s very romantic and peaceful. I love it.

Interesting fact: The movie “Ladyhawke” starring Michelle Pfeiffer was partly filmed here.

Castle walls
Part of the castle

Castle’s terrace with panoramic view


Now-a-days the castle is a charming hotel, with rooms fashioned in elegance of a bye-gone era. The furniture is antique and in excellent condition. I was very excited to stay overnight in one of the suites. It had a beautiful four-poster bed, with drapes around it. I really felt like royalty. It was simply magical. 

The rooms are quite small, but they do have everything you need, with attention to detail.  I always appreciate the little touches provided by a hotel, such as, water bottles, toiletries, free wi-fi, a room with a view, etc. It really makes you enjoy your stay a whole lot more, don’t you agree?

Speaking of small, my bathroom had the tiniest shower cubicle I have ever seen in all my travels! Once I hopped inside it, I could barely move. It was quite hilarious.   


That evening I dined in luxury! The main restaurant here, called Ristorante San Giorgio, is a stunning dining room, with beautiful decor and an enormous fireplace. Staff were so attentive, almost to a fault, and the food was delicious. A couple of other tables were occupied, but it was relatively quiet. They also provided a lovely continental buffet breakfast for free, which is also a nice touch.

A suite
My suite

I recommend staying here for a totally different hotel experience that you won’t ever forget. You can even stay in the tower, if you really want to feel like a prince or princess.

I’m thrilled to now be able to say that I have stayed in a real Castle.



A long winding uphill road leads to this historical village of Vigoleno; a very narrow road, I might add. It was a little hair-raising, driving up here, but we arrived in one piece. By the way, you won’t be able to get here any other way, as public transport is scarce.

Village streets

The little piazza is the central point of this charming little village, with a centuries-old fountain in the middle. There are shops, a church, a bar, a museum, a theatre and more – it’s a proper town with private residences here as well.

I enjoyed exploring the village, admiring the fabulous old buildings and taking in the history of the place; its ruins, architecture and artwork are fascinating. You actually feel like you have gone back in time to the medieval ages.

Cobblestone roads around the village
Fortified walls around the outside of the village


The Italian countryside is stunning, and Vernasca is no exception. The views surrounding Vigoleno are picture perfect, with the valley and rolling hills. Vineyards and orchards grace the landscape. Magnificent! It’s quite a remote area though and not on the typical tourist’s map, but well worth the visit. 

The area is known for winemaking, in particular the Vin Santo, which is made from dried grapes to make it sweet. This is their famous drop here, but it’s in limited production.

Beautiful scenic views

There are other castles nearby which I would have liked to visit if I had more time, such as Castell’Arquato. If you do have time, there is plenty to explore in the region, including the popular Spa town of Salsomaggiore Terme.


 It really is a beautiful part of Italy.


Oh, and if you love castles, be sure to check out my blog on another grand castle, The Tower of London.

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