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Fun and Fantastic Facts About France

Do you love learning interesting information about other countries? Here I will share with you some fun and fantastic facts about the great country of France. France is one of my favourite countries to visit. I have been there several times and always enjoy my stay immensely, whether it be in the north or the south, inland or seaside, big cities or small towns. There …

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A Stay In Saint Germain des Prés

The Perfect Place To Stay In Paris I had the perfect stay in Paris. It was a delightful 10 days sojourn in the charming Saint Germain des Prés neighbourhood, in the 6th arrondisement (district) of Paris. I wanted to be near the main attractions, walking distance to shops and cafes, and experience everyday Parisian life as a local. It was the ideal location – quintessentially …

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You can't miss the River Seine in Paris Sticky post

Best Of Paris And The River Seine

30 REASONS TO LOVE THE SEINE History Of The Seine The banks of the River Seine were originally settled on by a tribe of Celtic fishermen called the Parisii in 250 BC. The land was very fertile and Paris grew and expanded. In the middle ages it was the biggest city in Europe. Eventually, it became home to the French Monarchy, before they moved to …

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Amazing Art At The Louvre

A Must-See In Paris If you are in Paris, you must visit the Louvre Museum especially if you love art, as I do. I recently spent a delightful day at the most famous museum in the world and I was absolutely enthralled by the amazing collection of art there. Masterpieces from all around the world are beautifully showcased here at the gorgeous Louvre Palace. It’s …

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Paris Louvre Museum

Why You Must See The Louvre The famous Louvre Museum is a must-see tourist attraction in Paris. Situated in the heart of this beautiful city, it is the most visited place in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. You really can’t go to Paris without spending at least a few hours at this historic site. Here are a few excellent reasons why you must see the …

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Must See Montmartre

An Artists’ Haven Whilst staying in Paris recently, I decided ‘I must see Montmartre’. Why? I’d heard quite a bit about this town which apparently used to be a haven for many budding artists, who later became some of the most famous artists in history. So off I went to visit the iconic French neighbourhood. This artsy district is only a short 20 minute ride …

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Don’t Miss The Eiffel Tower

WHY YOU MUST SEE THE EIFFEL TOWER You must see the Eiffel Tower when you go to Paris, or your visit won’t be complete and that would be a real tragedy! Why? Let me explain why, plus I’ll give you all the details you need to know before you go. Paris If you haven’t yet been to Paris, you really should go because it is …

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Palace of Versailles

You Need To See It The Palace of Versailles is a grandiose monument from a fascinating period in French history when the royal family basked in extraordinary opulence. Magnificent architecture; extravagant luxury; stunning masterpieces … there aren’t adequate enough words to accurately describe how impressive the Palace really is. You must see the Palace of Versailles for yourself. I was blown away by the ostentatious lifestyle …

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