Awesome Travel Gear For Kids

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If travel with little ones is on the cards, you will need some awesome travel gear for kids, which will make travel with your young family less stressful and actually fun. 

Travel with children is not always easy. In fact it can be quite trying at times. I have travelled with my children many times, on short flights and long haul flights internationally, with stopovers, and I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, but I soon learnt the key is to being well-equiped and prepared for the journey. It does mean taking a few extra essentials, but that is to be expected when going anywhere with children, particularly when you travel abroad.

Awesome travel gear for kids
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travel accessories for children

Here is a selection of some awesome travel gear for kids that you will find extremely useful to help make travel with your young family less stressful and actually fun.

They will be excited about having their own special gear for the adventure, and it will make life on the road, in the air, or on the water, much easier for you. Win, win!

Some of these travel accessories are for babies and toddlers, others are for older children who can handle a small bag or case on their own, which they often love to do.

Of course, keeping kids entertained along the way is paramount to everyone’s sanity. So I’ve suggested a few fun items that I have found to be a life saver on our long trips, such as electronic devices, earphones and small toy pillows to cuddle and help sleep.

Snazzy Tip: Having a small new toy, or 2, in your bag to surprise your child with on the plane will ease any stress they may have and keep them distracted and happy for a while. This always worked a treat with my kids.

The awesome travel gear for kids I have selected below is from ShopZero, an online department store with a huge variety of goods to choose from. You can even shop now and pay later with zero interest! They deliver internationally too.

Please note, if you make a purchase I will earn a small amount at no extra cost to you, which helps keep this blog running.

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Snazzy Tips for travelling with kids

When travelling with kids, I have always followed these handy tips:

  • try to book a bassinet for baby on flights,
  • book an extra seat for your young child, even for a toddler under 2, to have more space on longer flights,
  • consult your doctor about vaccines and other travel medication for little ones,
  • allow plenty of extra time, before flights and during any stopovers, so you don’t have to rush,
  • always have spare changes of clothes for your child, and yourself, in your carry-on/nappy bag,
  • keep lots of wipes, hand sanitiser and tissues handy,
  • have plenty of snacks for kids, preferably low in sugar,
  • bring water bottles or sipper cups,
  • take a couple of favourite items from home, such as toy/blankie/book,
  • have a small foldable stroller for toddlers and a baby sling for infants, 
  • keep paracetamol handy at all times, and 
  • flying at night can be the wisest thing to do, so the kids will (hopefully) sleep most of the way.
Awesome travel gear for kids

That’s my list of awesome travel gear for kids. I hope you find some handy accessories to help with your family travels.

Finally, remember that travelling the world with our children is a privilege to cherish, giving us the opportunities to experience exciting places together and to learn about the world first hand, whilst creating well-rounded children and precious memories to keep for a lifetime.

Happy and safe travels.

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awesome travel accessories for kids
Awesome travel gear for kids
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    Those fitness trackers are such a cute idea! We hike a lot, so I think that would give the kids motivation to keep-on-going!


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