Gorgeous Australian Gift Ideas

Australian designer teatowels scaled Snazzy Trips


Do you need inspiration for presents to give your loved ones? How about giving something with an Australian theme. I’m going to help you with my 50+ fabulous Australian gift ideas. Here you’ll find exquisite items from the land of Oz. I’ve selected a range of products I love, most of them designed, sourced and manufactured in the country by local industry. So you can be assured of genuine Aussie products from Australia. You can shop easily for gorgeous Australian gifts online right here, right now.

How about beautiful Australian Opals or pearls? Maybe Aboriginal handcrafted goods or Australian wood products? Perhaps you are after Australian animal art or Aussie decorator items? Whatever you may be interested in giving, there are some truly awesome gift ideas here for everyone, young and old, and for every occasion. As well as for yourself, ‘cos you deserve it.

If you’re just searching for something a little bit different, quirky and fun, or maybe things that aren’t normally available elsewhere, such as authentic Australiana souvenirs, you’ve come to the right place too.

The amazing handmade and meticulously created gifts from the land down under will definitely impress you and your loved ones, I’m sure. Some can even be made to order, with your own specifications and requirements. The Australian artisans are only too happy to assist you.

Many of these Aussie products can be shipped around the world, to many countries.

So, dive in and check out these gorgeous Australian gift ideas available online, and happy shopping.. 


flinders st station print e1607261276433 Snazzy Trips

Melbourne Print

A lovely print of Melbourne's iconic Flinders Street Station. You can choose frame and size to your liking.

australia photo map Snazzy Trips

Australia Vacation Photo Map

An excellent way to remember your trip to Australia, with this personalised map of your best photos.

green aboriginal design dress scaled Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Design Sheath Dress

A real statement piece, with Aboriginal design called Dancing Spirit. Hand made and made to fit your measurements. You'll love this stylish sheath dress from Australian manufacturer in Queensland.

aboriginal fish bag 1 scaled Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Design Bag

Authentic aboriginal art design of fish traps, printed on linen. This cross body bag has many compartments.

unisex aboriginal design bag scaled Snazzy Trips

Unisex Bag

Practical messenger bag for everyone. Hand printed aboriginal design that is unique. A hardwearing bag with lots of compartments, from South Australia.

aboriginal long bowl scaled e1607464447470 Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Bowl

Aboriginal item hand carved and decorated with the traditional dot painting technique.

girls koala bag Snazzy Trips

Girl's Koala Bag

Shoulder bag with little koalas is the perfect gift for a young girl. Beautifully made in Queensland.

Named light scaled Snazzy Trips

Personalised Name Light

A perfect addition to a child's room with their name lit up. Colours change and you can have more than one plate made. Comes from Melbourne.

named mirror light scaled Snazzy Trips

Named Mirror Light

Personalised and handmade light-up mirror. The name also lights up. Perfect for child's room or any room. Made in New South Wales.

aussie cufflinks e1606997557157 Snazzy Trips

Aussie Kangaroo Cufflinks

Handcrafted in Australia, men's steel cufflinks with kangaroos.

jewel box abalone and wood scaled Snazzy Trips

Wood and Abalone Shell Box

A stylish hand made jewellery box of Australian Jarrah and New Zealand Abalone shell, with black velvet inside. Handcrafted in Victoria.

tasmanian blackwood ring scaled e1606909273261 Snazzy Trips

Tasmanian Blackwood Ring

Handcrafted in Australia, using the bentwood technique. Made to order in your size and width.

banksia wood necklace Snazzy Trips

Boho Necklace

Handcrafted in Australia, using Banksia Seed Pod, a unique piece of wooden jewellery, and rustic design.

hard wood vase e1607396045386 Snazzy Trips

Hard Wood Vase

A stunningly unique Australian Queensland Maple hardwood vase, hand crafted by expert artisan, with a shiny finish, will surely impress anyone and suit all decor.

gold pearl dolphins pendant Snazzy Trips

Gold Dolphin Pearl Pendant

Australian saltwater pearl from Shark Bay, Western Australia, with dolphins set in 9 carat gold.

torquoise and silver necklace scaled Snazzy Trips

Turquoise and Silver Necklace

A lovely stone and sterling silver necklace hand made in Australia. Made to order, at any length.

silver wombat bracelet Snazzy Trips

Silver Wombat Bracelet

Handmade in Australia, with a cute wombat in silver and double black rubber bracelet. Different sizes available.

Australian designer teatowels scaled Snazzy Trips

Australian Designer Tea Towels

Set of 3 beautiful tea towels, with Australian native flowers. These are a work of art and almost too good to use in the kitchen.

australian birds socks e1607238458302 Snazzy Trips

Australian Birds Socks

Galahs, Cockatoos and Magpies are featured in these Australian designed socks. A fun addition to any wardrobe.

galah earrings Snazzy Trips

Australian Galah Earrings

Cute earrings, made from recycled vinyl in Brisbane, they are lightweight and fun to wear.

baby onesies Snazzy Trips

Australian Baby Onesie

So sweet, the perfect baby gift. Made in Australia, 100% cotton, eco-friendly, high quality garment.

kookaburra baby set scaled e1607395772505 Snazzy Trips

Kookaburra New Born Set

Australian design new born baby set, romper and bib, long or short sleeve, from Tasmania.

koala baby onesie Snazzy Trips

Australian Baby Koala Romper

Australian baby romper, stretchy fabric, suit up to 3 years old child.

baby animals romper Snazzy Trips

Bright Baby Overalls

Colourful baby and toddler overalls with Australian baby animals and flag, long or short, from Queensland.

Australian animal wall decal scaled Snazzy Trips

Australian Animals Wall Decal

A fabulous way to decorate a child's room, playroom, or play area with this delightful wall decal set, made from fabric, just peel and stick. From New South Wales.

wood Australia shelves Snazzy Trips

Australian Map Shelves

A lovely decorative wood shelf, shaped in the map of Australia. Made from Queensland Hoop Pine wood. Easily assembled.

wood tree Snazzy Trips

Australian Wooden Tree

A wonderful minimalist festive tree, a modern, eco-friendly option, made from Tasmanian Oak, handcrafted in Australia. Comes in a flat pack, to be assembled, in any configuration you desire.

Australiana Xmas Stocking Snazzy Trips

Australiana Stocking Keepsake

Any child will love this Australiana stocking. Several designs to choose from, beautifully crafted and personalised.

sheepskin ram rug scaled Snazzy Trips

Ram Rug

This adorable Australian sheepskin rug is super soft and cuddly, and from Tasmania.

sydney cityscape print e1607313795417 Snazzy Trips

Sydney Cityscape Print

Modern city print of Sydney skyline. Choose frame and size to suit.

sydney vintage canvas Snazzy Trips

Sydney Opera House Canvas

A lovely vintage style print of the famous Opera House. Printed in Melbourne.

beer prints e1607385159153 Snazzy Trips

Australian Beer Prints

Beer lovers will appreciate this artwork of iconic Australian beers framed. Made in Melbourne.

aboriginal design skirt scaled Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Design Skirt

Another statement piece, with Aboriginal design. Hand made and made to fit your waist. A stylish skirt with pockets, from Australian manufacturer in Queensland.

aboriginal lamp Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Table Lamp

A gorgeous decorative original Aboriginal design lamp shade, perfect for any room.

aboriginal table lamp scaled Snazzy Trips

Multi Coloured Aboriginal Table Lamp

A gorgeous decorative original Aboriginal design lamp, handcrafted, printed on fabric. Perfect for any room.

aboriginal design wallet scaled Snazzy Trips

Aboriginal Design Wallet

Authentic Aboriginal design, screen printed on linen. Each wallet is unique and fabulously hand crafted.

pewter platypus scaled Snazzy Trips

Pewter Platypus

Souvenir, made in Australia from genuine solid pewter, this cute figurine won't tarnish.

koala wall plaque Snazzy Trips

Pewter Koala Wall Plaque

Souvenir, made in Australia from genuine solid pewter. Hang the wall plaque in any room.

Kookaburra pewter gift Snazzy Trips

Pewter Kookaburra Gift Box

A cute little Australian made pewter kookaburra trinket box, with exquisite detail, from Queensland.

pewter aussie dunny Snazzy Trips

Pewter Swagman

A fun Australiana souvenir piece, made from Australian pewter. Hand sculpted with great detail.

kangaroo stud earrings scaled Snazzy Trips

Silver Kangaroo Earrings

Adorable sterling silver kangaroo stud earrings handmade in Australia.

kangaroo bracelet 2 e1607330738541 Snazzy Trips

Kangaroo Charm Bracelet

A dainty bracelet, Australian hand made to order. Swarovski crystal, stainless steel and pewter, with or without an initial. Item comes from Queensland.

gold drop earrings Snazzy Trips

Gold Swarovski Drop Earrings

Handmade in Australia, stylish gold drop dress earrings.

pearl necklace scaled Snazzy Trips

Pearl necklace

Sterling silver chain with freshwater pearl drops, that can be worn in different ways. A stunning piece of jewellery, from Melbourne.

kangaroo charm e1607037852198 Snazzy Trips

Australia Charm

Map of Australia and kangaroo in a beautifully detailed charm, handmade in silver.

opal leather necklace Snazzy Trips

Unisex Opal Necklace

Suitable for anyone, this Australian opal and leather necklace, is handmade in Queensland.

blue opal pendant scaled Snazzy Trips

Blue Opal Pendant

Australian opal and sterling silver pendant, handmade jewellery, chain available. Genuine opal mined in Australia.

opal dangly earrings e1607169913158 Snazzy Trips

Opal Drop Earrings

Stunning Australian opal, long drop earrings, handcrafted from Western Australia.

opal earrings scaled Snazzy Trips

Australian Opal Earrings

Australian opal and sterling silver studded earrings. Genuine product mined in Australia.

opal topaz ring scaled e1607228481490 Snazzy Trips

Topaz and Opal Ring

A gorgeous, eye-catching design, this sterling silver ring has beautiful sparkling opals and light blue Topaz. Australian crafted, from Sydney.

opal champagne silver ring e1607072932809 Snazzy Trips

Opal Champagne Ring

Sterling silver ring with translucent opal mined from Coober Pedy, in Australia. Handcrafted jewellery sure to please.

topaz pearl ring e1607236554565 Snazzy Trips

Topaz and Pearl Ring

A unique and stunning design, this sterling silver ring has Blue Topaz and Pearls, handmade from New South Wales.

Australian baby animal prints scaled Snazzy Trips

Australian Baby Animal Prints

Set of 3 cute Australian animal prints, personalised, and choice of sizes available. Perfect for a nursery or playroom. They are so adorable your child will love them.

koala canvas print Snazzy Trips

Koala Canvas Print

Made in Australia, cute Koala print, canvas wrapped on wooden frame, available in different sizes.

koala outfit scaled Snazzy Trips

Australian Baby Koala Outfit

Adorable onesie with matching headpiece, helping the Australian Koala Foundation.

native Australian birds lampshade scaled Snazzy Trips

Native Australian Birds Lamp Shade

A beautiful, eye-catching addition to any part of the house. Handmade in Australia, can be made as a floor lamp, pendant light or table lamp.

May Gibbs baby blanky Snazzy Trips

May Gibbs Baby Blanky

Any baby will be 'snug as a bug in a rug' with this super soft blanket, with the famous Australian May Gibbs design. Made in Australia and available in different sizes.

quokka print e1607313146170 Snazzy Trips

Quokkas Framed Print

Unique to Australia, Quokkas are found on Rottnest Island. Prints of different sizes and frames are available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through this list of Australian gift ideas and found something you like from the wonderful country of Australia

Happy gift giving.

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Australian gift ideas online
Australian gift ideas online
Awesome Australian gift ideas to shop online
Australian gift ideas online
Australian gifts and souvenirs for any occasion Snazzy Trips
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  1. josypheen says:

    I really love all those aussie fabrics, but that baby koala outfit it just ridiculously cute! I think my nephew and niece are slightly too big for that now…but I looove it! One of my friends need to have a baby so I can buy it for them!!

  2. Emma says:

    I can’t decide if I like the quokka or the koala print more. They are both amazing and I’d love either of them. Great ideas!

  3. Spanish Nomad says:

    I used to live in the NT a few years back. I do appreciate each and every single of these gift ideas, but the aboriginal designs are my favourite. When I get back to Australia I will make sure to research the designer.


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